When a boot is on your neck, does it matter whether it’s the right or left?

Nope. It doesn’t matter at all. When one is being stepped on, which foot is being used becomes largely academic. The heavy boots of government are surely pressing down on Americans, squeezing the life out of them every hour of every day.

Whether the boot is on the foot of Harry Reid or John McCain is completely irrelevant, as the crushing pain is the same. The theft of your money and the future of the nation? Precisely the same. The desire to rid the planet of the old and sick? No difference there either.

When government strips us all of the ability to pursue life, liberty and happiness, our most sacred document has been shredded and it no longer makes any difference to the Conservative Collective who actually preformed the shredding. The point is, we will not kneel at the alter of Saul Alinsky, regardless of how hard the boots press down.

So, our only hope is that other Constitutionalists will join Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Ted Yoho and Trey Gowdy in the halls of Congress and turn back the progressive hoard that infects the once-honorable, but now oozing, halls of Washington, DC.

We’re done. The yoke must be cast off by any prudent means available, and it must be cast off quickly if America is to survive the next twelve months. America is split, by design, almost exactly down the middle and the half that opposes Barry must be dealt with if the progressive agenda is to continue. How that will happen will be revealed in short order, because the 2014 mid-term elections MUST be made to favor the progressive left or the progressive agenda will be in jeopardy.

Barry is not at all concerned with lying to America boldly and unashamedly in order to achieve the Alinsky vision. He will buy, sell, cheat and steal because the Alinsky rulebook says it’s OK to do that in order to complete the progressive mission. But he’s not alone.

Think of all of the individuals and/or organizations that have provided cover for Barry or tried to disable the Constitutionalists, including those who claim to be conservative, but are in truth, only liars like the other liars.

They all wear the boots.



What’s a guy got to do to get impeached around here?

The Conservative Collective wants to know what it takes to just START impeachment proceedings against Barry. Does he have to set fire to a bus full of nuns? No, apparently even THAT wouldn’t hurt him. Maybe clubbing a few baby seals would do the trick…

There’s something really odd at work here. “High crimes”, as defined for the purpose of impeachment, are simply higher standards for public officials, not actual crimes of any kind. So here we have a guy who has deliberately ignored his obligation to defend the Constitution of the United States, and what happens…? Nothing.

Here is a guy who has actually broken the law by unilaterally modifying codified law without constitutional authority and everybody stands around like it’s just another Monday. Even the least informed across the land are recognizing that Barry is destroying jobs and taking more and more money out of their pockets. But still, they seem to be in a trance of some kind, just blinking and doing little else of value to help the nation.

Barry’s history is long. GM, Chrysler, Cash for Clunkers, Solyndra, Tesla, ACORN, the NSA, the IRS, Benghazi, gun-running in Mexico and Libya and now Obamacare. The list is very lengthy and each of the trespasses is worthy of being called “high crimes”. The Conservative Collective cannot recollect the name of a single president who has intentionally caused more chaos or pain in America than Barry has, but why is he given a free pass?

What would the elections next year be like if Barry was directly in the middle of all of his crimes being brought front and center for all Americans to see and remember? What would the political ads look like given all of the video and quotes from progressives like Hillary Clinton and Lois Lerner?

Getting Barry impeached should be easy, if not this year, then next year when conservatives own both houses of Congress. But still, the time is NOW to begin the process and pull out the list of what Barry has done to all of us. It’s time to ignore all of the other “news” being used to distract us and concentrate on throwing Barry out of the Oval Office and into jail.

Some say it’s never been done before, but the Conservative Collective prefers the saying…”There’s a first time for everything…”

Barry didn’t know about NSA spying?

OK…the excuse is that Barry didn’t know the the NSA has been spying not only on American citizens, but governments around the globe as well.

Wait…The President of The United States didn’t know? This is from a 2010 interview conducted by New Yorker editor David Remnick for his book The Bridge, with the power behind the throne, Valerie Jarrett:

 “I think Barack knew that he had God-given talents that were extraordinary. He knows exactly how smart he is. . . . He knows how perceptive he is. He knows what a good reader of people he is. And he knows that he has the ability — the extraordinary, uncanny ability — to take a thousand different perspectives, digest them and make sense out of them, and I think that he has never really been challenged intellectually. . . . So what I sensed in him was not just a restless spirit but somebody with such extraordinary talents that had to be really taxed in order for him to be happy. . . . He’s been bored to death his whole life. He’s just too talented to do what ordinary people do.”

So…tell us again. This super-intellect, during his daily NSA briefing, somehow forgot to ask, “Hey guys! How’s the spying going?”

Nope. Not buying it and neither does America, if the electronic reaction is to be believed. This is kindergarten-level governance folks and the Conservative Collective refuses to accept that anything less than imprisonment will resolve these ongoing issues.

If Barry knew, he should be fired. If he didn’t know, he should be fired. No matter which is the truth, the result is precisely the same. America should just get on with the issue of impeachment and let the chips fall all over the map.

The White House is “misleading” us. UH…YA THINK?

Actually, the word “misleading” misses the accuracy mark by quite a bit. The term usually used in such cases, in the normal world where people act with honor and integrity is BOLD-FACED LYING, STRAIGHT TO OUR FACES!

Every day, in every imaginable way. Jay Carney gets up in front of reporters and acts as though his ADHD has gone super-nova. “I’ve answered that, Ed and…wow! Is it hotter in the summer or the city? Anybody know? Anybody? Even when everybody in the room knows the answer to a question, even when the entire nation is watching him fumble and stumble his way through his lies and we all KNOW it’s a lie, including Carney, he STILL LIES! When Carney is nailed while lying, he usually gets real snotty and then he lies to get out of the lie.

The IRS scandal…Benghazi…Lois Lerner…Obamacare…Yucca Flats…Green employment numbers…Obamacare…militarty cuts…the sequester…the debt ceiling…Obamacare…womens rights…the NSA spying on us….domestic terrorists…what day it is…what time it is…

If the words come from the White House, anybody in the White House, the words are lies.All lies, all the time. The Conservative Collective holds to the philosophy that if the janitor does something wrong, it’s the bosses fault. So, when Carney or any of the other children playing “hide and seek” in the White House lies to the American people, it is Barry that is lying to us.

Hundreds of lies, every day…day in and day out. In the Rose Garden…during photo ops…in the Oval Office..on radio…on television…all lies. Numbers, places, people and everything else, all lies.

It never stops, either. We should wonder this…when Barry emerges from Hell in the morning and says “Good Morning” to MIchelle, Does she think he’s lying?




Spreading the payola around!

Solyndra, around 500 Million granted by Barry to his friends…that’s right MILLION, and it failed. The Conservative Collective wants to know where the money went. You know…simple audit questions like “who received funds from the grant?” It should be simple for the most brilliant staff of people ever to breath air to show the American taxpayer, you know the folks who actually gave Solyndra the money, an audit report. Every member of the Conservative Collective has to perform the same task every April 15th and we all do it with ease. Barry and his staff of crack geniuses should be able to whip up a report before lunch.

Maybe Solyndra was too long ago and everybody in the White House has forgotten. If that’s the case, then we’d like to know where 630 million taxpayers dollars went (besides Canada) for the funding of the Obamacare website.

Many in the Conservative Collective are extremely web literate, and each of them is “dropped jaw” at what taxpayers have gotten for their money. Most say that they could have developed the same site in around a year for $500,000 and I believe them. So, let’ be kind and say that the Ocare website cost 10 million even.

Somebody else might say that Obama has spread around the 620 million dollar payola bucks to his political and personal friends, for them to enjoy. However, the Conservative Collective would NEVER say that!

Go down the list…GM…Chrysler…Fisker…Solyndra. There are many, many more and everybody at the White House just shrugs their political shoulders and says “…gee…I don’t know…the money was there just a second ago…”

The American taxpayer needs to demand the answer to THIS question…”Uhh…Yeah, but where the freak is the money NOW, Barry”? Cough up an audit or you’re fired! C’mon folks! This is the same group of pricks and pricketts who are coming for your retirement accounts!!! Think they won’t do it? Crap, man! They did it to Social Security and they’ll do it to you without flinching!

Wake up!




Obama the used car guy

OK, so Barry wants to pass HIS clean Continuing Resolution that contains funding for everything he wants, and on top of that, Barry wants to raise the debt ceiling to HIS satisfaction without resistance from any Republican. Only THEN…will Barry negotiate.

WTF? What the hairy F? Truly? So… for you folks who don’t think this is important enough to get off your ObamaPhone or stop you from watching your 60″ Samsung while waiting for the rest of us to refill your EBT card, here’s the scoop.

What your Messiah wants to do is like going into a car dealership, picking a rusty 1963 Ford Falcon and driving away…without discussing the cost. The dealer takes your credit card and says, “Don’t worry about it, we’ll negotiate later…you just enjoy!” When your bill comes a month later, you find out that you paid TWO MILLION dollars for your Falcon!!!

That’s what Barry wants to do to you. If the Republicans don’t tell this little Stalin wanna-be to go suck an egg, there are plenty of Americans who will.


High time for high crimes

It’s time to impeach Barry. In most cases, this is where his defenders would jump in and say something like…”tell me exactly what high crime he committed…”. Well, for the sake of simplicity and keeping this post short, I’ll use one example. When the Affordable Care Act was passed by congress and signed by Barry, it did become the law of the land…no argument.

However, when Barry decreed unilaterally, without the consent of Congress, that the Employer Mandate was to be postponed a year, he committed a high crime by stepping outside his constitutional boundary and thereby abusing his power as president. That, folks, is one high crime taken from a long list that any first year law person could assemble.

On that above basis alone, the House Judiciary Committee should send articles of impeachment to the full house. Barry has abused his position multiple times. He has threatened, coerced and it could be shown, bribed. He has intentionally caused pain to the American people where none existed previously, and when taken in total, Barry is ripe for impeachment.

Barry’s imeachment should be very public. In fact, it should be one of two or three central issues in the 2014 mid-term elections. It would be interesting to see which progressive politicians would stand with a president in the middle of impeachment proceedings.

Just for the record, this post should not be construed to be anti-left at all. If the object of this post were a conservative, the words and principle would be the same. Only the name would change.