A little Weimar music, Maestro!

weimar-republicIn Connecticut, the owners of semi-automatic rifles and magazines with a capacity of 30 rounds are being registered with the government (local, state, federal…it makes no difference). The list of names will allegedly be kept under lock and key so that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands and it will just be used to fight crime.

In New York, the same thing is happening.

What is amazing…absolutely amazing to the Conservative Collective is that the citizens are lining up, just as the Germans did in 1922, to be told precisely how they will be allowed to live their lives. The fact that such dispicable behavior is happening in two of the original 13 states that went to war to stop this sort of thing is nothing short of unimaginable.

How sickening it is to watch thosands of honest citizens actually line up to be granted permission by the state to excersize their rights. It is mind-boggling and disgusting.

But it is also a sign of the struggle that will soon be at hand. Some, afflicted with normalcy bias, will always go willingly into cattle cars. Most however, will stand up against the lawless and treasonous  behavior of a tyrannical government.

A more interesting experiment in progressive socialism would be to try the same registration process in the deep south, where Americans still believe in liberty and freedom.

Wait! Is that a little Weimar polka we hear in the distance? We certainly hope so…

Who speaks for the innocents Mandela killed?

A recent gathering of the Conservative Collective brought to mind the question of who would speak for the thousands of innocent men, women and children that were shot, necklaced or vaporized by landmines planted by Nelson and Winnie Mandela’s orders?

For decades Mandela refused to acknowledge his very active, and in fact violent role in South Africa as a practicing communist. Mandela facilitated the purchasing of rifles, ammunition and land mines through MK, his violent arm of the African National Congress. There are photographs easily obtainable that show children turned inside out after coming in contact with a landmine purchased by Nelson Mandela’s MK. Winnie Mandela has said, paraphrasing…”With our matches and necklaces, we will free our country…” Peaceful? The Mandela Gang was peaceful? The facts prove that the Mandelas were common thugs.

In the aftermath, Nelson Mandela did to South Africa what Barry is trying to do to the United States. Mandela helped create a nation of poverty and misery on the backs of black men and women who deserve better…who, at the very least deserve liberty and dignity, both of which Nelson and Winnie Mandela effectively erased.

There was a violent monster inside the Nelson Mandela “grandfather” suit. He was no less a dictator than any other penny-ante progressive tinhorn, and he was just as effective at creating the socialist utopia that all progressives seem to think is out there, but has never been achieved in history.

The Conservative Collective dares any progressive hand-wringer to actively seek the truth about Nelson Mandela. He was a murderer, a thief and in the end, a failure…just like Barry. And just like Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and other historical failures who fell victim to Saul Alinsky and/or Lenin, and whose successes are now measured by the numbers of corpses they created or will create.

Those who hold up Nelson Mandela as being great are those who, like Mandela, have given little of value in life but wish to take everything…by force if necessary.  That progressive mission will prove to be extremely difficult here in the United States.

In fact, it will be impossible. However, socialism needs to be completely revealed if it is to be completely eliminated, so the Conservative Collective says, “Throw off the cloak you progressive cowards, come into the light and let us finish this once and for all”!

Remembering the real JFK

It is sad on this, the 50th anniversary of the shooting of President John F. Kenedy that his political party has become the party of Lenin and Stalin.

JFK would not recognize his party, nor would he choose to be a part of it. He was a true patriot and American who wanted the best for the nation, not for his party. JFK wanted to ease the pain of the poor, not pour socialist lemon juice on it, as does Barry.

His goals always had the protection of the American way as a priority, not the destruction that Barry seeks. America knew it could trust JFK and slept at night soundly, not with one eye open to watch for Barry the Boogeyman. America was a better place for having JFK in the Oval Office, but it is a much worse place with Barry there.   

It seems like only yesterday that one of our best was taken and it seems like a hundred years since our worst was installed. But in the end, there is comfort in the fact that America will prevail as it always does. America is better and stronger than Barry and the America that JFK loved and fought for will live.

Rest well, President Kennedy. Try not to judge us too harshly for electing Barry. America thought it needed a messiah in 2008 and all we got was this mess. Maybe the “iah” part will eventually show up, but if he does, his name will NOT be Barry.