Where are the hypocrites? Oh…Here they are.

The progressive organization that is proudly called People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has finally made a luke-warm and generally useless statement against what agents of the Bureau of Land Management did to several cattle in Nevada a short time ago.

PETA…remember this is the group that thinks hunting is just terrible and has been on a YEARS long rant to that effect…had little to say about Barry’s government thugs doing this…


But these very same pathetic parasites will spend millions of dollars to convince the public that hunters are evil, even though a vast majority of true hunters believe in taking game as humanely as possible. The BLM killers were not humane in any sense of the word with the cattle being riddled with multiple rounds before they died a horrible, painful death.

PETA mumbles something under their electronic breath about how things would be better if we all went vegan and that’s the extent of the progressive outrage. This act of animal cruelty had nothing to do with being vegan. This was government sanctioned and by association, PETA sanctioned torture. How embarrassing it must be for those at PETA to at once hold themselves up as the champions of the animal kingdom and at the same time turn their backs on their animal friends, simply because doing anything more would not look good for their chief funding source, Barry the Bovine Killer.

Apparently, in the progressive world, money will always trump principals.

Now, the Conservative Collective knows full well that there are progressive PETA-lovers who are saying that this is just right-wing propoganda. If that’s true, why hasn’t PETA said anything about Barry’s California windmills doing this to THOUSANDS of endangered or rare birds? Take a good, long look at what liberal progressives pass off as “green”, and therefore jusitfiable.

windkillsFunny…that blood looks very red to us. PETA is as obvious a public fraud as NOW, the NAACP and the IPCC. Anyone who continues to donate so much as a penny to any them should live forever in shame.