Barry caught being honest!

This is what Barry thinks of us.

Finally! Barry caught being honest about his feelings for Congress and The Constitution of The United States! Not to mention all conservatives, all independants and what the hell…all democrats, too! Then there is Fox News, The Supreme Court of The United States and the Clintons.

Let’s not forget Great Britain, Germany and the rest of Europe as well. Or the NRA. Or Drudge. Or Beck. Or Hannity. Or Michelle.

Or the Conservative Collective, to which we say, Happy New Year Barry!


Time for Barry to be fired.

It’s time for Barry to be let go. By resignation or impeachment, Barry needs to be shown the door at the very least for malfeasance. Barring that, his pure unadulterated incompetence should be reason enough.

Barry has spent the past five years effectively trying to pull off a coup d’etat. It has been his mission to overthrow the government of the United States and to replace it with his own bumbling vision of a new Marxist state. Conspiracy theories aside, he has actually, by design or not, put most of the pieces in place to accomplish a coup.

He has misused and mis-spent public funds, broken numerous laws (changing the ACA 14 times by decree), and curried favor in order to gain political advantage. He is guilty of influence peddling and bribery.

In 2012, it was dropping 1 million iPhones into Ohio in order to buy the votes of the folks in that swing state, and now, he’s doing it yet again in order to gain a political advantage in Ohio for the 2014 mid-terms.

A few weeks ago, the US government, under Obama rule remember, sold its remaining shares in General Motors (wait…Barry said he wasn’t in the car making business…oh well, another lie) at a ten BILLION dollar loss. Then, last week (flush with our cash) GM announces that it will invest one BILLION dollars in new factories in Michigan, OHIO (again!) and Illinois (Chicago… remember Barrys old buddy Rahm Emanuel?)

Al Capone could only ever dream that he could do what Barry is doing and this needs to end or the alternative to bringing this situation to an end will fall to the common citizen.

Too many people have been hurt by Barry and too many more will be hurt or worse in the future. The situation in America is no longer a political game and the people of this country are no longer chips to be used by career politicians to fatten their purses.

Now we have in the Oval Office, a tyrant who has publically acknowledged that he fully intends to continue his lawless course and force his progressive agenda on a populace that does not want it, a la Germany in 1934. Some might say that this choice on his part was the intentional throwing of a gaunlet to see which “enemies of the state” might pick it up.

The message to Washington DC, then is this…fire Barry and his posse, or be fired yourselves in November. Ignore that and all bets are off, as are the gloves.

Barry keeps stacking the bodies…!

Another shooting, this time by yet another socialist psychopath and again in Colorado. At this juncture, the usefulness of “gun free zones” must be examined, if for no other reason than to keep Americans alive.

In much the same manner that Barry’s progressive machine will not allow the Affordable Care Act to be stopped and corrected no matter how many innocent Americans are hurt or killed, the same is true for the progressive anti-gun, anti-American agenda. “Gun free zones”, better called “killer magnets”, are another in the long list of progressive failures that prove definitively that life simply will not bend to the will of morally-bankrupt, agenda-driven, progressive socialist buffoons. Life will not surrender that power.

Barry and his band of inept kindergartners will allow the slaughter of many more men, women and children before he will acknowledge that his plans for a new USSR have failed beyond all hope of recovery. He’s even been caught red-handed cooking the nations employment numbers, which is no surprise, given his amatuerish abilities.

He’s a cornered animal now since his plans to fix the courts had to be moved up and his premier piece of rinky-dink legislation is crashing and burning. So Barry won’t care. He has nothing to lose at this point, so he’ll push and push and push, but something is about to happen…

The voters are poised to push back next year…and very, very hard. America has finally taken notice that Barry doesn’t give a flip how many Americans are killed by the ACA, it will be his legacy and his gift to daddy.

It’s a shame that so many, including some members of the Conservative Collective who are fighting deadly diseases like cancer and liberalism, will have to die to show the world what monsters the progressives are, but they all accept the roles they’ve been given by history and God.

So, Barry will continue to embrace “gun free zones” and continue to stack the bodies of the innocent at the altar of Lenin, Stalin, and his personal favorite, Saul Alinsky. But in the end, he will lose and his legacy will be remembered only as the temper tantrum of a snotty 5-year old. IS NOT WORKING!!! Barry is lying!!!

The Conservative Collective would like to know how anyone can accept that Barry lied openly and without reservation about the ACA. The fact that it will take away desired insurance coverage, take away doctors, take away treatment and ultimately take away the lives of those Barry considers to have lived out their “usefulness” is the truth, and Barry lied about it.

Why is it that now, two months later, America seems willing to embrace the lie that the ACA system is working. IT IS NOT!!!! BARRY AND HIS CONFEDERATES ARE F’ING LYING TO YOU AGAIN!!! HOW CAN AMERICA BE SO STUPID?!

Just because Barry or Sabilius say the ACA website is working does not make it so. CNN tried and it failed. Fox tried it and it failed. Hell, even Sabilius tried it and it failed.

Get a clue America!

Remember this?


Think about what Barry has done to Israel. Then ponder for a moment on how Barry has treated the muslim world. If one cannot recognize  the obvious difference or appreciate the why of it, then one does not want to see or appreciate the difference.

But…you will do both, and sooner than you think.

Remembering the real JFK

It is sad on this, the 50th anniversary of the shooting of President John F. Kenedy that his political party has become the party of Lenin and Stalin.

JFK would not recognize his party, nor would he choose to be a part of it. He was a true patriot and American who wanted the best for the nation, not for his party. JFK wanted to ease the pain of the poor, not pour socialist lemon juice on it, as does Barry.

His goals always had the protection of the American way as a priority, not the destruction that Barry seeks. America knew it could trust JFK and slept at night soundly, not with one eye open to watch for Barry the Boogeyman. America was a better place for having JFK in the Oval Office, but it is a much worse place with Barry there.   

It seems like only yesterday that one of our best was taken and it seems like a hundred years since our worst was installed. But in the end, there is comfort in the fact that America will prevail as it always does. America is better and stronger than Barry and the America that JFK loved and fought for will live.

Rest well, President Kennedy. Try not to judge us too harshly for electing Barry. America thought it needed a messiah in 2008 and all we got was this mess. Maybe the “iah” part will eventually show up, but if he does, his name will NOT be Barry.

How does “busted” feel, Barry?

Barry, you are SOOO busted! Finally, America gets to glance  behind the curtain and see that the wizard is just another power-hungry, self-adoring, ego-centric, cold-hearted, morally bankrupt and mucksucking failed leftist.

Now, the question the Conservative Collective would like to have an answer to is, what do we do with this worthless piece of jetsam? Bernie Madoff is in prison for doing far less than Barry has done folks. In a progressive liberal world that is all about punishing the weathy, the white, the male and the independant, why should Barry not be held responsible for what his lemmings have done?

Valerie Jarrett is holding secret talks with Iran? When did she become an American ambassador to anything or anywhere? Our future rests in the hands of Jarett and her Alinsky blindness? Oh wait…Barry probably didn’t know anything about her little junkets (wink…wink).

Yeah, he did. This is just another illegal action in a long line of illegal actions taken by this buffoon. The simple fact is, America is just too fat, too dumb and too lazy to push itself out of the lounge chair and swich Barry’s channel. 

While the paperwork to impeach Eric Holder is floating around in the halls ot Congress, this would be the ideal time to file charges against Barry and end his attempt at being a ruler.  At the very least, impeachment proceedings would keep Barry’s trangressions in front of the American voter, where they should be right about now.

As the water circles the drain, history once again can live with a knowing smirk on its face, saying…”I told you so…”