A little Weimar music, Maestro!

weimar-republicIn Connecticut, the owners of semi-automatic rifles and magazines with a capacity of 30 rounds are being registered with the government (local, state, federal…it makes no difference). The list of names will allegedly be kept under lock and key so that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands and it will just be used to fight crime.

In New York, the same thing is happening.

What is amazing…absolutely amazing to the Conservative Collective is that the citizens are lining up, just as the Germans did in 1922, to be told precisely how they will be allowed to live their lives. The fact that such dispicable behavior is happening in two of the original 13 states that went to war to stop this sort of thing is nothing short of unimaginable.

How sickening it is to watch thosands of honest citizens actually line up to be granted permission by the state to excersize their rights. It is mind-boggling and disgusting.

But it is also a sign of the struggle that will soon be at hand. Some, afflicted with normalcy bias, will always go willingly into cattle cars. Most however, will stand up against the lawless and treasonous  behavior of a tyrannical government.

A more interesting experiment in progressive socialism would be to try the same registration process in the deep south, where Americans still believe in liberty and freedom.

Wait! Is that a little Weimar polka we hear in the distance? We certainly hope so…

“Gun Safety” is the new “Gun Control”

How typical. The progressive left cannot make a successful argument on a topic largely because they have no facts to stand on, only a weakening agenda. So, absent the truth, the left must manufacture the emotional equivalent…something that will override common sense and reason.

The most obvious of these is “climate change”, which used to be “global warming”. However, when it became obvious even to the scientific community that “global warming” was a myth with no basis in truth, progressive snake-oil salesmen quickly and quietly changed the  stripes on the tiger and inserted “climate change” into the lexicon. Most saw through it immediately.

So it is with “gun control”. The progressive left, knowing that their anti-gun agenda will never move forward if the word “control” is used, has adapted a new brand…called “gun safety”. Now, instead of “gun control” legislation, America’s intelligence will once again be insulted by a simple change of terminology to “gun safety” legislation.

The National Rifle Association began real gun safety education in 1871 and it has never stopped. Highly trained volunteer NRA instructors are spread all over America teaching gun safety in dozens of training disciplines to men women and children in towns and cities everywhere. They teach real safety, not the politics of ownership, because saving lives is the goal of the NRA, not garnering votes which is the sole goal of progressives.

That the progressive left would even use the term “gun safety” is laughable and in fact, they have made themselves a laughing stock. Where the NRA saves lives, the left actually kills folks with their lies regarding firearms. If anything, the anti-gun left should be indicted and imprisoned for crimes against humanity, given the scope of the deadly falsehoods they create and perpetuate.

Too bad for Barry and his stupid lemmings that gun owners have a little more on the ball than the run of the mill “Iphone and EBT card” crowd. Far more, in fact. This continued attack on gun owners cannot help but go badly if the progressive left won’t let it go. By all appearances, the progressives haven’t learned any lessons since 1871, so they will have to be taught…again.

“Gun safety” legislation…what a laugh! What morons!


Note to Barry – Gun Control

Don’t even think about it. Just because you want it doesn’t make it a good thing or mean that America is going to let it happen. Get a clue and move on to something you can handle…like what movie to show this Friday night. For you, the Conservative Collective would select “Liar, Liar” with Jim “I say the stupidest stuff…” Carrey.