Flags? OK, let’s talk flags…

The Conservative Collective has discussed the issue of flags and flag symbolism and we are now ready to wade into the totally one-sided conversation regarding flags.

It is unfortunate that the people of South Carolina caved so easily to the racist pressure that bubbled up because some people were killed in a church. Sound cold? Of course it does and the Conservative Collective grieves with every family that suffers a needless death, Color is meaningless to us, unlike the race baiters like Al Sharpton who are taking full advantage of  the aching hearts of country.

So, this flag offends some of you, does it? Why? Is it because you have fallen for the lies from the progressive left? Come on, boys and girls…use your brains, will you? Racism lives in the heart, not in a flag. Racists are created by black and white people with an axe to grind and hatred in their hearts. Right now, as this is written, racists are being created and trained in black and white households all over America. Sad, but true.scflag

Well, this next flag offends the Conservative Collective. It really has nothing to do with gayflagthe gay community, as we find them, as a community, simply abusive, whiny and quite boring. They are bullies who happen to be louder and more obnoxious than everyone else, but the flag offends the Conservative Collective as much as someone else might say the Confederate battle flag offends because it separates us as Americans.

We are also being bullied by race tyrants into thinking that the South Carolina flag is somehow more “rascist” than “historical”. That too, is a lie being perpetrated by the likes of black racists Jesse Jackson, Sheila Jackson-Whatever Her Name Is and guys with terrible fashion sense named Shabazz,  A truer symbol of racism and hatred in America would look more like this:new-black-panther-party-flag

While we’re at it and as long as hatred is the topic of discussion, does it occur to anybody but the Conservative Collective that the Ayatollah Obama is trying to cut a nuclear deal with this flag iranianflagwhile the slimy bastards are tossing men off of six story buildings, simply because they happen to be gay? Where is the famous Obama support for gays in Iran? Could it possibly be that a legacy and library mean more to Barry than gay lives? The obvious answer for the stupid people out there who vote for Democrats is…yes.

In the end, this is the greatest flag on the planet. It is a symbol for the greatness in all of us that is not granted anywhere else on Earth. americanflagIt represents the faith of a melting pot that we can solve any issues that confront us as long we sweep aside the snake-oil selling liars who feed on our good nature.

This flag stands above all others as a global exception, with the knowledge that we, as Americans ARE exceptional (it ain’t braggin’ if you you’ve done it…and we have). This post will make some seethe with white-hot hatred for the Conservative Collective, but we will not to be intimidated or impressed by the color of a persons skin or how loud they can shout.

Don’t like us? Bugger off.


Slavery, scraped clean

The Conservative Collective is absolutely sick and tired of the lies, threats and cowardice that surround the topic of slavery in America and the time has arrived for someone to stand firm, heels dug in, and to no longer relinquish the truth to white fools and black charlatans.

The historical truth about slavery in America is that the first slave owner and the worst offenders were…wait for it….BLACK!!! Let us say that again in case there is any misunderstanding. Black men have been the owners of black slaves for as long as any white man ever was in American history! Here’s the guy:first_slave

There it is. White privilege? Bullshit. America was built on the back of black slaves by white plantation owners? Also bullshit. White America needs to feel shame and guilt for what was done to black slaves? Double bullshit. Not until BLACK AMERICA stops feeding on the crap fabricated by Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, bellies up to the same racial bar and admits that as far as slavery is concerned, they should be as ashamed…no…MORE ashamed and feel MORE guilt than any other race of people in America.

Need more proof? This next black slave owner not only owned other blacks, he supported the Confederacy! You know, the “stars and bars” folks who who are so hated these days. Read on and let the truth set you free!

From Wikipedia:

William Ellison Jr, born April Ellison, (C. April, 1790 – 5 December 1861) was a cotton gin maker and blacksmith in South Carolina, a free negro and former slave who achieved considerable success in business before the American Civil War. He eventually became a major planter and one of the medium property owners, and certainly the wealthiest “black” property owner, in the state. He held 40 slaves at his death and more than 1,000 acres of land. From 1830-1865 he and his sons were the only free blacks in Sumter County, South Carolina to own slaves. The county was largely devoted to cotton plantations and the majority population were slaves.

will ellison
Ellison and his sons were among a number of successful free people of color in the antebellum years, but Ellison was particularly outstanding. His master (and likely father) had passed on social capital by apprenticing him to learn a valuable artisan trade as a cotton gin maker, at which Ellison made a success. He took a wife at the age of 21. After buying his own freedom when he was 26, a few years later Ellison purchased his wife and their children, to protect them from sales as slaves. The Act of 1820 made it more difficult for slaveholders to make personal manumissions, but Ellison gained freedom for his sons, and a quasi-freedom for his surviving daughter.

During the American Civil War, Ellison and his sons supported the Confederate States of America and gave the government substantial donations and aid. A grandson fought informally with the regular Confederate Army and survived the war.

After gaining his freedom, in 1817 Ellison moved to Sumter County in the Piedmont, where he established himself as a cotton gin maker. This area was rapidly being developed for cotton plantations of short-staple cotton. At first he paid for the labor of slave artisans who had been “hired out” by their masters. Within two years he purchased two artisan slaves to work in his shop. By 1830 he held four artisan slaves.
By 1840 he held a total of 8 slaves who worked in his cotton gin business. They were both skilled and unskilled, as the latter cut wood from his land for the gins. By the 1850s, he also operated a blacksmith shop with artisan slaves. He advertised his business in the Black River Watchman, the Sumter Southern Whig, and the Camden Gazzette.

As cotton prices were high, there was demand for Ellison’s services. Planters needed cotton gins to process their cotton profitably, as the machinery was much more efficient than manual labor. Eventually Ellison earned enough to buy land: starting with more than 50 acres, by 1850 he had increased his holdings to 386 acres, and established his own cotton plantation. By that time, he owned 32 slaves. From 1830-1865, Ellison and his sons were the only free blacks to own slaves in Sumter District.

Ellison and his family established a family cemetery on their plantation.[1] Based on transcriptions of the gravestones, his wife and three generations of descendants, including his sons and their wives, were buried on this property. Family burials took place into the early decades of the twentieth century.

In 1852, Ellison bought Keith Hill and Hickory Hill plantations, bringing his total of land holdings to more than 1,000 acres. He gave each of his sons part of the properties, as they were all working with him in his business.[1] In 1850 the sons each held slave women who worked as domestic servants for their families.

After the outbreak of the American Civil War, in 1861 Ellison offered labor from his 53 slaves to the Confederate Army. He converted his cotton plantation to mixed crops to supply food to the cause. His sons also supported the Confederacy and tried to enlist, but were refused because of their race. They donated money, and bought Confederate bonds; with defeat, these bonds became worthless and they lost their investments, becoming destitute by the end of the war like many formerly successful whites.

At his death, Ellison provided for dividing his property, including over 60 slaves, between his surviving daughter Maria and two surviving sons. “He bequeathed $500 to a slave daughter he had sold.”

Here are two more really swell guys who kept black slaves and helped “build America every bit as much as any white slave holder.

Richard DeReef

Richard DeReef

Jeremiah McCanse

Jeremiah McCanse

So,let the white guilt end here. Let the fear of being white and being called a racist melt away, because as we all now know, white America came late to the slave party. It was black men who started the the entire slave trade, and as such, white America is now free!

Lastly, it is only fair to present the one black man who has placed more black men, women and children on his own government plantation and into government slavery than any other man in America, The Ayatollah Obama himself…Barry!mlk2

ISIS: A portrait in cowardice

This from The Conservative Collective to the world…

We will not die. We cannot be killed. We haven’t been killed in thousands of years, what makes a dysfunctional bunch of cowardly dogs think they can do what better men could never do?

There are untold millions of us around the globe and we watch the ISIS virus as it struggles with using lies and a feeble attempt to instill fear in the weak. Therein lies one issue for ISIS. Very few of us are weak. Our president is weak, our Secretary of Satan, John Kerry, is weak and our Congress is weak. However, ISIS has miscalculated…isis2

The Conservative Collective does not hide behind women and children, nor do we use them to do the job a man should do. We do our own work and when we decide the time is right we will bring hell to ISIS’ doorstep. No threats…no weak words…no murdering of the innocent…just plain old American justice. ISIS burns helpless men to shock the world, but we are not shocked…we simply become stronger.isis3

ISIS would do well to begin looking over its shoulder. ISIS will not know when we will come or from which direction, but we will come. We will not cower in the dark by wearing masks, Real Americans are proud to be American and we embrace our place in the world as he finest Christian nation on Earth. isis6

ISIS cannot understand The Conservative Collective. It never will. So, we will accommodate ISIS with what it does understand, with extreme prejudice. No paradise, no virgins. Just eternal darkness.


This man will get black men killed

sharptonRecognize this piece of human debris? He calls himself “reverend”, which takes perversion to its highest level. This is Al Sharpton and the Conservative Collective will not insult real men of the cloth who embrace virtue, courage and conviction by labeling him as “reverend”.

Al Sharpton makes a living by fueling racial fires with lies and creating distrust between the races, mostly black against white. Sharpton lines his pockets with blood money made on the backs of everyday men and women of all races. In Furguson, Missouri, it was Sharpton who inflamed the black community against the law and their neighbors with lies. In the end, a city burned because Al Sharpton  needed camera time. Peoples lives were destroyed because Sharpton could not resist the narcissistic need to be in the spotlight. loot4

Now, Sharpton has appeared in Baltimore, Maryland to ply his trade as the racist whore he is, and the Conservative Collective predicts that it will be Sharpton who whips young black men into an anti-police  frenzy this summer and gets some of them killed. As is always the case and like any other opportunistic disease, when nightfall comes and Sharpton has done his work, looters will appear and at some point one or more of them will be killed by a business owner defending his or her property.loot2

But, Sharpton will tell whatever lies are needed to make sure that the truth remains buried, as he did in Furguson. So, a mother will lose a son or daughter and Sharpton will dance on the graves.

The Conservative Collective calls now for Black America to reject the words of Al Sharpton, because they are poison meant to build his image while getting your children killed, if necessary. At some point, America will get tired of being bullied by those who use false narratives to burn towns and loot private property. When that happens, things will get ugly.loot3

But for Sharpton, it will be a glorious victory. It will make him richer and while he sips chilled champagne on a private jet, he will smile and tell those around him that if some need to die for the “cause”, that’s OK.

The problem is, Al Sharpton is the “cause”…The cause of fired businesses, destroyed homes and  death.

When ego runs amuck…call it Hillary!

Hillary Rodham Clinton has announced that she is running to hold the highest political office in the world. In fact, The Conservative Collective has it on good authority, from an unknown but credible source who wishes to remain anonymous, that she is entitled to the Oval Office. hillary3

We strongly disagree and suggest instead that she deserves to be in prison. Why? Well, she’s a well-known liar and purveyor of misinformation…she has never accomplished anything of any importance in any of the other political positions she was handed as a gift for services rendered.

And then there was that little thing in Benghazi where she got a United States ambassador killed along with three other very, very good men who deserved much better from all of us. Now, this may not be important to Killary, but we at The Conservative Collective would suggest that it’s important to the families of the men who were slaughtered in Benghazi. Hillary knew everything and did nothing while Americans…good, brave Americans were killed arming not America’s friends, but Barack al-Barry’s friends in Syria.


We would further suggest that there are those across America who would agree that Killary’s hands can never be wiped clean of the blood that soaks her progressive digits. We have to wonder if she would be as cavalier with the memories of her child, charred and lifeless, being dragged through the streets of Benghazi by worthless animals. We wonder if this morally bankrupt creature who wishes to occupy a sacred space, already dirtied by her predecessor, has a conscience at all. We think not.hillary2

Hillary Clinton should not be president because she is corrupt to her very core. She should not be president because she is a deceiver of the highest order, She should not be president because she could not care less about the old, the poor or the infirm. She should not be president because she only cares about power and nothing else. She is treasonous, recalcitrant and utterly shallow.

Would it help America if Chris Stevens were dressed like Barack al-Barry’s imaginary son? hillary4Would anybody care then? It’s a fair bet that Hillary Rodham Clinton wouldn’t give a rat’s ass if the North Koreans had Chelsea hanging upside down in a snake-filled closet if it meant she couldn’t be president Hillary would and we do suspect has sold her soul to herself.

What America needs to remember before it votes for Hillary is that she wouldn’t care if all of us ended up looking like Chris Stevens did in the end…take a good, long look at what Hillary Rodham Clinton was responsible for as a do-nothing Secretary of State.stevens_death_AFP

Do you think she cares about you?


C’mon gay folks…be honest with us!

Well now…let’s see if we have this right. The Conservative Collective, given its overtly humble nature, has never been an entity to brag about its intelligence with the possible exception of being unmistakably brighter than any progressive socialist that walks the Earth.

That aside, let us now take a closer look at the duplicity of the progressive left or should that endow too large a measure of undeserved intellectual competence, the stupidity of same. To wit:

Progressive socialists, including Barack al-Barry insist openly and very publicly that they are indeed the champions of the gay community. These are the same men and women who proclaim themselves to be on a mission to secure some “right” to be gay at anytime, anywhere on the globe. In fact, the gay community is in lock step with CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and the rest of what was at one time, a media with an infinitesimal shred of integrity. Together, they have created a constitutional fantasy that extends legal consequences to those who dare to exercise the true right of religious freedom.

Therefore, the obvious question is…”How can an administration, it’s followers and its media whores, all admitted champions of the gay cause, be “negotiating” with a nation that not only disavows that gay men or women exist in Iran, but hunts them like animals and kills them by throwing them off of the tops of six story buildings tied to chairs or by burying them up to their necks and then allowing more “moderate” Muslims to crack open their skulls with rocks? This is what the American gay community stands behind and supports?gaysiran2

The Conservative Collective hopes that everyone can see what we consider to be the blatant and disgusting hypocrisy that pervades the progressive mindset.  gaysiran1

Another question that screams to be asked, also related to the gay community and its champions in the sewers of justice has to do with a newly manufactured definition of “discrimination”. The essence of the discussion (for lack of a better term, for there is no discussion in the traditional sense, but more precisely a tendency toward “you religious nuts sit down and shut up” being the replacement) is that if one heterosexual person decides not to render a service to a gay person based upon the heterosexual persons belief that the Bible is the word of God and that God considers a man lying with another man to be a sin, then it becomes a public duty to utterly destroy the life of that heterosexual person.

The question is…”why”?

Since this is our blog site, we will give ourselves permission to be absurd in the following observational queries:

What if two white persons entered an establishment, a bakery for instance, owned by a black family and requested that they bake a cake for the 50th anniversary of the local chapter of the Klu Klux Klan, could they refuse? How about this…? Can a Jewish baker be forced to bake a cake that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ or the Holocaust? If Sarah Brady or Gabby Giffords owned a bakery, could they be forced to bake a cake for a Friends of NRA banquet? Or, if they refused, would it then become a righteous progressive crusade to destroy their lives and livelihoods in a childish fit of “crocodile” rage?gaysiran3 We seriously doubt it.

The Conservative Collective finds the idea that the progressive left has obtained the ability to trump our true constitutional right to believe and act within the tenants of our faith by fabricating a false “right” that not only does not exist, but is intentionally designed to cause pain and suffering to be supremely repulsive. This is yet another example of progressive retribution against an unidentifiable foe…lashing out at anyone who is different. It is the very definition of discrimination!

We don’t care who anyone sleeps with, has a relationship with or loves…we believe that will be sorted out when we all die and meet our maker. It isn’t up to us as sinners, to judge other sinners. In fact, the gay community isn’t all that important to the Conservative Collective. We find the gay community to be loud, obnoxious, tedious and spoiled in the mold of the small child who is crying out… “Mommy! Look at me!” We also consider the gay community to be quite irrelevant in the bigger picture of life and something else to be ignored, like PETA or Al Gore.

However, what disgusting, bile-filled, cowardly little maggots the remainder of progressives are. Just remember…


Death is overcome! Jesus Christ is alive!

To many Christian members of the Conservative Collective, Easter is the high point of the year. This is the time of year when we can laugh in the face of those who would destroy us and proclaim that they can never…repeat NEVER destroy us. The absolute worst that Christian-haters have to offer us is life everlasting in the house of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. With that in mind, we fear nothing on this planet, especially cowards who hide behind masks and kill children.easter1

Today is the day we celebrate with the knowledge that Christ overcame death itself and therefore is the reflection of God on Earth. Jesus Christ arose from his crypt to walk among us as a show that his words and deeds were not some form of trickery, but the works of God through His son.

This is a day of joy and celebration among Christians all over the globe. We tell the entire world on this day that we do not fear what the future holds. We have received the gift of life from The Creator and our lives are His.easter2

For those of the Conservative Collective who believe in Christ, we hold up his love as the ultimate shield against those who do the work of Satan. At the same time, we embrace as brothers and sisters those who do not share our faith, but do endorse our conservative principles. We force no one to believe, we do not kill those who choose another path and we expect no ransom for rejecting the words of Christ..

That is the pure difference between good and evil. God bless all of us!easter3