Letter to America’s Military and Veterans

To the members of every branch of the United States military and those who have served,

In these times of national peril, those of us who oppose the Obama Administration and its progressive socialist agenda are looking for people of high moral strength and personal integrity. To us, you exemplify those essential moral characteristics and much, much more.

We honor you for your unselfish service to this country and all of her citizens. We applaud your accomplishments and we are saddened when any of your brave brothers or sisters falls on our behalf. We have never forsaken you, nor will we now and even if we don’t say it enough, we love you all.

The Obama Administration we feel, will do everything they can do undermine your missions, separately and collectively until your units are finally decreed to be no longer useful to their vision of a new USSR. We stand squarely against that vision and intend to do everything we can, legally and constitutionally, to dismantle the Obama Agenda, starting with the midterm elections of 2014.

It has become crystal clear to us that Barack Hussein Obama, through his confederates in the Department of Justice, The Internal Revenue Service, The Federal Communications Commission, The Federal Exchange Commission, The Environmental Protection Agency, The Central Intelligence Agency, The National Security Agency, The Department of Homeland Security The Department Of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and many others, has misused the powers of his office and intends to increase his consolidation in the near future.

The time has come to resist the destruction of our beloved nation with every tool at our disposal. It is time to restore the pride in American accomplishments and to return to being a humble nation dedicated to God and His word.

We are asking that you join us in our struggle against a rogue government that has become disinterested in its citizens and its military and has shown nothing but contempt for the Constitution of The United States, the absolute law of the land. Join us as we return this nation to its rightful status as the greatest nation on Earth, so that we may once again reach out to those who need our help. Come with us as we accept the faults of our nation together and swear to never again divide ourselves by race, creed or gender and know that in the end, none of us will gain anything of value except freedom, liberty and an end to a corrupt government.

We will ask no more of you in this struggle than we are willing to do ourselves, including pledging our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor, as has been done in the past. As you leave active duty, please consider joining the ranks of Americans will always remain faithful to the founding principles of The United States of America. If you remain on active duty, please consider a quiet dedication to our cause and a reaffirmation of the oath you took.

Thank you each and every one, from our hearts and may God bless each and every one of you. We pray for you every day.

The Conservative Collective.