Donald Trump…yawn!

When we think of Donald Trump, the image below is the one we have in our minds eye: Why? Largely because this is the image Trump creates for himself. trump1Pie-hole constantly open, spewing forth moronic bile meant only to impress or intimidate. A mealy-mouthed lump of fat that vomits up the most asinine comments about others simply because any personal filters have been replaced with dollar bills. Presidential? Nope. Not in any way, shape or form. Smarter than anyone else hunting the Oval Office? No…not really.

Then what is it that Americans find so appealing about this guy from New York? The answer is obvious to The Conservative Collective probably because what he’s saying now in regard to the issues facing America is what we at The Conservative Collective been saying in our retreats and in our writing for years. Simply put, because he has no filters, his message is pure. Think of Trump more as a child who hasn’t learned to temper his thoughts with grace, humility or maturity throwing a simple tantrum. trump3That’s Trump. Add a few bucks for good measure and you wind up with a petulant and very spoiled crybaby who is used to getting what he wants.

Nonetheless, when his substance is separated from his blithering, he’s on political target. He can FEEL what America is feeling, even if he has a difficult time articulating it with panache. Trump is something of a gunslinger, but not in the good and romantic sense. The Conservative Collective sees Trump as a “shoot first” kind of business man who has left behind a long line of financial bodies and that works in the world of business. Trump has proven that beyond debate.

However, America doesn’t need a business man as president. America needs a statesman (woman…person…whatever…) who can lead a nation in a world of nations and a nation will never be a business. The American people are not now and never will be employees and that is how Trump thinks of us.

Trump is not prepared to lead based upon that premise. Trump is a cutthroat when it comes to business, but a knee-jerk cutthroat is not what America needs now or will ever need as president. This is not to say that Trump hasn’t done America any good…he has. His companies employ tens of thousands of people and those jobs put bread on the tables of those employees every day. trump4But Trump has offset the good he does by admitting that he has bought politicians and pays off governments with the result being that they must grovel to his every whim. How long would it be before that expectation became the reality of all of us? The Conservative Collective suspects not long. How long would it be before Trump, like The Ayatollah Obama, considered the Constitution to be an inconvenience? We suspect not long. Our advice to Donald? Close the pie-hole, you’re boring us.

Trump needs to stay where he belongs…in the board room, treating his minions like…well, minions. On the flip side, Trump has created one thing worth noting…trump2

What about us, John?

wethepeopleWhat about us, John Boehner? Remember us…? We’re the folks you’re allegedly working for…or have you forgotten…or was all of your blithering and tattering today simply for the consumption of the ignorant masses? You sort of left us out of the equation today buddy boy! WE didn’t want you as Speaker of the House any longer! You’ve screwed up big time and all day the American people told you we wanted real, strong, brave and honest (Lord, honest would be very nice) leadership…none of which you offer.

Remember well Johnny Boy…The Conservative Collective prides itself on knowing what is in the hearts of elected open pustules like you on every level. We study what you all did since your first day you relieved yourself in the House men’s room.

And today your babbling lacked any intellectual mettle. As you  rambled on sounding like something between crying like a used up cougar and a pissy little teenybopping waitress, it became obvious that those who voted against you had courage. The lemmings who voted for you are simply the establishment career politicians who embrace self-adoration and greed over true, unselfish public service

wethepeople2 What about us Johnny Boy? We’re adult enough to know that we’re nothing but more chattel for you. The Conservative Collective kind of feels like you bent us over the arm of a couch and…well, you would know the rest. Just like the legislative crap-pile you gleefully roll in with your Barry Poo! You’re taking the men who would serve America with integrity and honor and replacing them with men and women who will turn your office into a Greyhound station toilet. Well done!

Our advice to you princess…is to wait until you can see for sure who will get the most work done on your behalf. Actually, The Conservative Collective doesn’t give you credit for being that smart. We think you will punish, punish and then punish some more, the guys who had the balls to tell you to pound establishment sand up your over-tanned ass! They would have made you the greatest Speaker this nation has ever known, but you threw that away today.

That won’t work Johnny-Boy! All you’ve done now is made 25 new enemies and shown the rest what they will get later on. When 200 of the cowards you have hiding behind you now figure out what you’re up to with Barry (we know,,,but that’s for another post…coming soon), they’re going to beg Gomert for forgiveness and stand with him. You’re all puffed up now Johnny Boy, but wait until March. March will be a very bad legislative month for you and you will deserve what you will finally receive.

The guys that voted against you today are the good guys, not you. You are obviously in league with Barry and The Conservative Collective predicts that there will be other legislative dung piles that you and Barry will giggle about behind closed doors…until one particular vote in March.

cowardly lionBut know this John Boehner…you have taken sides with Satan and against the American People. You have chosen poorly and your political career is over, you just don’t know it yet. You’ve ignored us…the folks you work for. We didn’t want the ACA, but it was shoved up our butts. We didn’t want the “Cromnibus Bill” but you shoved that up our butts. We’ve told you multiple times what we DO want, and you ignore us.

Have fun today,, but be aware, in your arrogant, “can’t touch me” kind of way, that we watch everything you do and say. We know where you are headed, ‘ol buddy. We get it.

Change your plan before it is a humiliation for you. Go with dignity. At least go with a very bad tan…!