The contents of this site are opinions based upon truth. This is a private site paid for with private funds, so any dissenting opinions really don’t matter. At some point, constructive comments may be allowed, but in the meantime, no one here has the time or inclination to cross swords with political buffoons who exist only to justify criminal, treasonous and deadly progressive behavior. The Conservative Collective is well beyond entertaining the drivel that comes from those self-adoring “experts” whose favorite beginning is,”Yeah…but…” We know that those words always indicate that the person uttering them has discounted everything you’ve just said and we have no intention of wasting our time in that cesspool.

There will be unapologetic conservative views represented due in large part to the fact that the progressive left and their vision of a new USSR is not what America has ever been destined to be. When the socialist left stops its groveling to Saul Alinsky and Lenin, they will find praise waiting for them here. When the progressive right stops kneeling at the alter of the progressive left, they will find praise here. Until then, both camps can expect to find condemnation and nothing else.

The Conservative Collective is comprised of Americans. Good, honest, decent men and women who feel no guilt for slavery, that progressives are mentally unstable, that bigger is better and it is Americas destiny to be the single super power on Earth. We believe America is exceptional in every measurable way and we will never apologize for being better than any other nation, without exception. The Conservative Collective believes deeply in God, country and family in that order and that any firearm is a good firearm when not being mishandled by morons or criminal vermin. We believe in punishing the wrong-doer with prejudice and rewarding the good-doer with equal prejudice.

The Conservative Collective believes that racists are made, not born and that at this very moment a child is being born that will become a racist because of the caustic and destructive words of race-baiting agents provocateurs such as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the black racists in the Congressional Black Caucus.

We think that abortion is state-sanctioned murder and that the mothers and doctors are stone cold killers no better than the kid who killed 9 blacks in a church or a dozen in a theater in Colorado. They themselves should be killed and their body parts be used for transplants.

Lastly, we believe that whom someone loves is a personal choice. However, marriage benefits paid for by taxpayer dollars belong to those engaged in a marriage consisting of one man and one woman. Period.  We make no apology for believing that the Bible represents the written word of God and it is upon that which we base our principles.

We are mothers, soldiers, law enforcement, black, white, rich, poor, painters,scientists, truck drivers, nurses, teachers, lawyers, fathers, famous and every other kind of human being.

The truth will live. Like it or not, the truth will live.