Progressive buzzword BS…”easy access”

The Conservative Collective wants to examine the contemporary media buzz phrase that is now cropping up all over news outlets across this mighty nation. Every mealy-mouthed, empty-headed commentator from Fox News “The Snide Five” to MSNBC’s “Boring Joe” is now using the phrase “easy access” to define a fabricated issue with the ownership of firearms that garners them ratings. which garners them dollars,

Let’s discuss “easy access” honestly, shall we? Let’s start by asking about this gun…which was manufactured and found IN PRISON! easyaccess2One has to wonder…precisely what the Ayatollah Obama would consider to be “easy access”?

How about these guns that were handed over to the Mexican drug cartels by Barry’s Attorney General, Eric Holder? easyaccess6Could there be easier access to firearms than having the United States government physically hand guns over to bad guys? How many deaths have occurred because Barry the Gun Runner gave guns to drug lords or terrorists in Syria?

How many of these gang animals should we believe filled out a federal Form 4473 or went through a background check to get their guns? easyaccess7Those of us in the Conservative Collective who own firearms filled out the forms, paid the fees and waited for government permission to exercise our rights. WE wonder if street vermin does that? Hmmmmm…..?

The Great and Benevolent Fearless Leader Obama hates guns, except when they work in HIS favor…like this:easyaccess4 Apparently, guns are fine with Barry in this particular case. Why? Because he has Narcissistic Personality Disorder and in Barry’s case having a mental disease and “easy access” is perfectly acceptable. Gosh Golly…he’s so special…! In fact, Barry Sweato is so frigging special, he gets one of these, never mind a plain old AR-15…hell yeah!easyaccess3

Let’s talk about the NRA for a moment. How many of these children should we suspect have taken an NRA firearms safety class like the “Eddie Eagle” program? easyaccess8NONE?!  

REALLY? YA THINK?!! The Conservative Collective can guarantee that these small children holding the guns to each others heads are graduates of the “Sarah Brady/Obamalama Ding-Dong Safe Kids Initiative”. And by the way…where the hell did THEY get those guns? A gun show or dealer? Uh…for the really stupid people out there who don’t pay attention to anything more complicated than how to change channels, that would be a NO! We don’t think so.

Simply put, this “easy access” crap is just that…crap. The Conservative Collective can only guess as to why Barry, “The Arms-Dealer-in-Chief” hates the thought of honest people having guns. It must be for the same reasons he hates Jews and Christians, but loves him some Muslim.

Now, reality. The Conservative Collective and our guns are not the cause of any gun problem, but Barry is precisely the cause of the problem. His BS socialist agenda has killed thousands of American men, women and children. His policies have positioned America to receive the death he believes it deserves, and we have allowed this to happen. Having said that, we will now reverse that course.

Here’s the problem for Barry…the honest American gun owner is a combination buzz saw and pit bull when brought to anger. Just push us a tad further your Royal Flatulence and the dreams of your pathetic father will certainly become your reality.