Beck = Trump = Sanders

In the opinion of the Conservative Collective, all three are court jesters. Dress them in sparkly Harlequin costumes and watch them as they prance about America saying and doing precisely the same thing that the Ayatollah Obama did in 2007. That is, they are all promising “a fundamental change to America”.

In the short term, these three blind mice have tapped into the Great American Frustration with same undeniable skills that have brought them all great fame and fortune. In the long term, they are all failures of their own follies and will fade away accordingly into the crannies of history.

Beck was a fighter. He was one to look up to as an example of the mouse giving the eagle the middle finger, but personified. He was right about so many world events that it was hard NOT to watch  his productions. Like so many others, including the Conservative Collective, Beck could figure out what the pieces of the global puzzle were, but then he did something extraordinary. He told the world the truth about the puzzle!beck1

Then, about four years in and like so many other “coulda been great” people throughout history, Beck found the poison…money. He did do good things with his wealth…no one can deny that. But Beck the man became just another rich, spoiled thug, undermining his own good deeds with unproductive public attacks on folks like Sarah Palin, calling her a “clown”. So, he became arrogant and self-important…he became what he told the rest of us to watch out for years ago.

Trump is what he always has been…an over-inflated and self-adoring money lover. That’s it. And now he wants to bring that useless song and dance to the White House. Trump was fine as long as he stayed in his kennel and just made deals with other flea-bitten hounds. But now, he’s become a stray who wants to be the alpha dog everywhere, not just in his own cage.trump3

Trump will not be a good president simply because he “feels our pain” (where have we heard THAT before?) or understands our frustration. However, he will most definitely be a terrible president when he tries to make North Korea, China or Russia bend to his will by using Wall Street bullying. Trump could easily get America into a war or two simply by opening that maw and saying something insultingly stupid.

Sanders? He’s just a jester meant to give the DNC room to crush Hillary Clinton so that Joe Biden or Liz Warren can jump in the 2016 race, nothing more.

The Conservative Collective feels the worst over Glenn Beck. He could have been…and should have been, much, much more. Boring and irrelevant were not in his original cards, but they are now. You’re correct Glenn…you should just go away.

Forget 9/11? Not likely.


America will live forever. No cowardly little shoe-sucking dog from ISIS or Al-Qaeda can alter that fact. The Conservative Collective is definitely not among the fools who believe in some fictitious “centrist” Islamist.

We have studied and come to understand the mindset of the Islamist. We understand the hatred for America and how it was manufactured as a false excuse to exact power over the weak and fearful. We understand the many attempts to shock us by killing the innocent and we simply move forward to kill them all. Our focus is singular and fixed. Our purpose has been blessed by God.

We understand that they run from a fight like insects. We understand that they are not men, but cowardly dogs that tuck tail and scurry away when Americans show up. We understand that they prefer to fight women and children, usually attacking from behind while wearing masks.

While they tell us that they have come to America as a means of frightening some, we at the Conservative Collective are delighted that they have saved us the time and effort to track them down. We have armed up and these Islamic morons have actually created the opportunity for us to send them into eternal darkness.   america2

Forget 9/11? No, America will not forget what happened on that brilliant day. The fire in our hearts burns as hot today as it did then and in fact, it burns even hotter. Our enemy can morph into anything it wants, but we will kill it all the same. Men, women and children…it makes no difference to us. We are quiet, but we are alert and waiting. All over America, millions of the Conservative Collective are waiting for the chance to engage Islam in the manner it deserves, with extreme violence.

Every day draws us closer to our goal. God bless America!

يا جزمة يا ابن الجزمة