The dishonesty behind gun control.

The Conservative Collective never wants to know the deep pain of losing a child to violence…any violence, but unfortunately there are those among us who have lived that nightmare. The rest of us do our best to comfort our friends as best we can, but words ring very hollow indeed when the heart has been ripped out by the roots.

Others turn to vengeance as their tool of comfort, lashing out emotionally at the world, seeking for the answer to the question of why their loved one was taken from them. It should come as no surprise that such an event would manifest reactions that have no basis in truth and gun control is no exception.

There are two men in the world, Andy Parker and Richard Martinez, parker1who have lost loved ones to violence. Each chose to blame firearms for their loss and each is seeking to rectify what they see as a parker2terrible injustice caused by firearms. No intellectual argument will heal them and not a single iota of honest debate will ease their pain.

They have decided that if they champion the same bankrupt cause that other progressives such as Sarah Brady tried to champion, they will find peace. The problem is, they don’t want to find peace…they want to find revenge.

The Conservative Collective will do what it can to disassemble the plans of these two men, not because we don’t care about them or those who were lost, we do care about them…intensely. Their plans are based on an argument that was proven to be false many decades ago and one that effects tens of millions of good Americans. Not just the two who were lost, but millions.

Whether or not the reactions of these two men are based in politics, grief, ego or anything else, we at The Conservative Collective will obstruct every attempt to deny Americans the right to keep and bear arms. No single American, or two Americans, is worth more than the rights we have been blessed with as free citizens.

For these two men to pursue the anti-gun agenda makes them as dishonest as those who have come before. Sadly, it also betrays the memories of the very people they’ve lost…not to gun violence…but just to violence. We know their grief is real, but gun control as a means of healing is a false crusade, filled with lies, deception and ultimately…failure.

Bring your fight gentlemen…we stand ready to cross swords with you for as long as it takes to defeat you and please understand that you will need much more than legislation to accomplish your goals. Those of us who stand against you will make whatever sacrifices are necessary to secure freedom for our children. So, if even more blood is the price you seek for your losses, that’s fair enough. It’s a price that has been paid in the past.

Even so, we hope God will bless you both with strength, wisdom and comfort during this time of sorrow.