Sarah Brady is dead…see ya Sarah!

Well, Sarah Brady, the head of the Handgun Control Inc. snake has been dead a few months, and by now knows what a complete waste of time her campaign was. brady3Hopefully, somebody in the ether has lectured her as condescendingly as she did us, on the realities of gun ownership.

She was a failure…stubborn…but a failure nonetheless. Her message to the masses was built on a foundation of lies regarding guns, Her vicious attacks on American gun owners bordered in the psychopathic, much as are the attacks from the Ayatollah Obama.brady5Sarah tried desperately to convince America that her anger at lumps of wood, steel and plastic would herald in a new era of peace in America if only we would let her rape and pillage The Constitution. Gun owners, not surprisingly, never were caught off guard by Sarah Brady’s nonsense.brady2

Sarah Brady always thought along the lines of “remove the guns and the world will be a safer place…”, while logical, rational and intelligent Americans tend to think “take away the finger that pulls th trigger, and guns will no longer pose s danger…” The first sentiment, Sarah’s, has proven multiple times over the decades to be wrong, while the second sentiment works every time. But that doesn’t stop the stupid, like the Ayatollah Obama from trying the same tired, old. anti-gunschtick. Actually, Barry thinks and Sarah thought nothing more original than what these really, cool socialists thought…brady4

And in the process, absolutely ignored this…bady6Well, they tried to ignore it, but Americans who believe in the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, would not give such ignorance a place to sit.

Rest in peace Sarah Brady. Tell hubby we said hello and that we forgive you both for attempting to subvert the supreme aw of the land simply to gain vengeance for the universe treating you so unfairly.

We won’t miss you at all, and we’re glad your reign of lies has ended, We further hope that now you’re dead, you’veĀ  met the tens of thousands of people whose lives were ended by your stupidity. But, wherever you are now, we hope you know the truth and have made peace with it.