Cecil the lion was killed? So what?

cecil1Cecil the lion was killed by a hunter. So what? He was a lion…a friggin’ lion for Pete’s sake. He dead. Probably on someone rec-room floor and although we at The Conservative Collective would rather Cecil had lived a long life, he didn’t. What is it with you sick, twisted and perverted buckets of pus on the left who are calling for the head of the hunter that killed Cecil on a pike? Those who are outraged at the death of Cecil are mentally ill and should no longer be allowed to vote in any election.

Do any of you pathetic dregs who identify yourselves as progressives, know the name of even one of these children who were killed in a large American city? Probably not. Well, let The Conservative Collective show you what you’ve been missing while you’ve been wasting your time crying your leftist crocodile tears over Cecil.

cecil2These kids were killed in a large American city. The kids don’t matter to any progressive, so the city won’t matter either. They were black children, but the newest black phenom, “Black Lives Matter” probably haven’t taken time away from painting signs with catchy slogans to find out what kind of ice cream they liked.

These children are dead now as well. cecil3No more birthday parties, no more Christmas mornings. They will never grow up to fall in love or have children of their own. But, nobody gives a rats ass about these kids…only a damn lion. The socialist sucking, Islam-loving, progressive butt licking left side of the political spectrum doesn’t care about kids dying in our cities because of government- sanctioned gangs. They don’t even care that thousands of endangered eagles and vultures are vaporized every year by those thousands of wind-mills they’re so proud of.

But by golly, they care about Cecil. The Conservative Collective will see Cecil in our dreams on the floor of a conservative bathroom, warming the feet of a wealthy one-percenter as he or she drops a morning deuce in the toilet.

Good job Cecil!