Flags? OK, let’s talk flags…

The Conservative Collective has discussed the issue of flags and flag symbolism and we are now ready to wade into the totally one-sided conversation regarding flags.

It is unfortunate that the people of South Carolina caved so easily to the racist pressure that bubbled up because some people were killed in a church. Sound cold? Of course it does and the Conservative Collective grieves with every family that suffers a needless death, Color is meaningless to us, unlike the race baiters like Al Sharpton who are taking full advantage of  the aching hearts of country.

So, this flag offends some of you, does it? Why? Is it because you have fallen for the lies from the progressive left? Come on, boys and girls…use your brains, will you? Racism lives in the heart, not in a flag. Racists are created by black and white people with an axe to grind and hatred in their hearts. Right now, as this is written, racists are being created and trained in black and white households all over America. Sad, but true.scflag

Well, this next flag offends the Conservative Collective. It really has nothing to do with gayflagthe gay community, as we find them, as a community, simply abusive, whiny and quite boring. They are bullies who happen to be louder and more obnoxious than everyone else, but the flag offends the Conservative Collective as much as someone else might say the Confederate battle flag offends because it separates us as Americans.

We are also being bullied by race tyrants into thinking that the South Carolina flag is somehow more “rascist” than “historical”. That too, is a lie being perpetrated by the likes of black racists Jesse Jackson, Sheila Jackson-Whatever Her Name Is and guys with terrible fashion sense named Shabazz,  A truer symbol of racism and hatred in America would look more like this:new-black-panther-party-flag

While we’re at it and as long as hatred is the topic of discussion, does it occur to anybody but the Conservative Collective that the Ayatollah Obama is trying to cut a nuclear deal with this flag iranianflagwhile the slimy bastards are tossing men off of six story buildings, simply because they happen to be gay? Where is the famous Obama support for gays in Iran? Could it possibly be that a legacy and library mean more to Barry than gay lives? The obvious answer for the stupid people out there who vote for Democrats is…yes.

In the end, this is the greatest flag on the planet. It is a symbol for the greatness in all of us that is not granted anywhere else on Earth. americanflagIt represents the faith of a melting pot that we can solve any issues that confront us as long we sweep aside the snake-oil selling liars who feed on our good nature.

This flag stands above all others as a global exception, with the knowledge that we, as Americans ARE exceptional (it ain’t braggin’ if you you’ve done it…and we have). This post will make some seethe with white-hot hatred for the Conservative Collective, but we will not to be intimidated or impressed by the color of a persons skin or how loud they can shout.

Don’t like us? Bugger off.