ISIS: A portrait in cowardice

This from The Conservative Collective to the world…

We will not die. We cannot be killed. We haven’t been killed in thousands of years, what makes a dysfunctional bunch of cowardly dogs think they can do what better men could never do?

There are untold millions of us around the globe and we watch the ISIS virus as it struggles with using lies and a feeble attempt to instill fear in the weak. Therein lies one issue for ISIS. Very few of us are weak. Our president is weak, our Secretary of Satan, John Kerry, is weak and our Congress is weak. However, ISIS has miscalculated…isis2

The Conservative Collective does not hide behind women and children, nor do we use them to do the job a man should do. We do our own work and when we decide the time is right we will bring hell to ISIS’ doorstep. No threats…no weak words…no murdering of the innocent…just plain old American justice. ISIS burns helpless men to shock the world, but we are not shocked…we simply become stronger.isis3

ISIS would do well to begin looking over its shoulder. ISIS will not know when we will come or from which direction, but we will come. We will not cower in the dark by wearing masks, Real Americans are proud to be American and we embrace our place in the world as he finest Christian nation on Earth. isis6

ISIS cannot understand The Conservative Collective. It never will. So, we will accommodate ISIS with what it does understand, with extreme prejudice. No paradise, no virgins. Just eternal darkness.