This man will get black men killed

sharptonRecognize this piece of human debris? He calls himself “reverend”, which takes perversion to its highest level. This is Al Sharpton and the Conservative Collective will not insult real men of the cloth who embrace virtue, courage and conviction by labeling him as “reverend”.

Al Sharpton makes a living by fueling racial fires with lies and creating distrust between the races, mostly black against white. Sharpton lines his pockets with blood money made on the backs of everyday men and women of all races. In Furguson, Missouri, it was Sharpton who inflamed the black community against the law and their neighbors with lies. In the end, a city burned because Al Sharpton  needed camera time. Peoples lives were destroyed because Sharpton could not resist the narcissistic need to be in the spotlight. loot4

Now, Sharpton has appeared in Baltimore, Maryland to ply his trade as the racist whore he is, and the Conservative Collective predicts that it will be Sharpton who whips young black men into an anti-police  frenzy this summer and gets some of them killed. As is always the case and like any other opportunistic disease, when nightfall comes and Sharpton has done his work, looters will appear and at some point one or more of them will be killed by a business owner defending his or her property.loot2

But, Sharpton will tell whatever lies are needed to make sure that the truth remains buried, as he did in Furguson. So, a mother will lose a son or daughter and Sharpton will dance on the graves.

The Conservative Collective calls now for Black America to reject the words of Al Sharpton, because they are poison meant to build his image while getting your children killed, if necessary. At some point, America will get tired of being bullied by those who use false narratives to burn towns and loot private property. When that happens, things will get ugly.loot3

But for Sharpton, it will be a glorious victory. It will make him richer and while he sips chilled champagne on a private jet, he will smile and tell those around him that if some need to die for the “cause”, that’s OK.

The problem is, Al Sharpton is the “cause”…The cause of fired businesses, destroyed homes and  death.