When ego runs amuck…call it Hillary!

Hillary Rodham Clinton has announced that she is running to hold the highest political office in the world. In fact, The Conservative Collective has it on good authority, from an unknown but credible source who wishes to remain anonymous, that she is entitled to the Oval Office. hillary3

We strongly disagree and suggest instead that she deserves to be in prison. Why? Well, she’s a well-known liar and purveyor of misinformation…she has never accomplished anything of any importance in any of the other political positions she was handed as a gift for services rendered.

And then there was that little thing in Benghazi where she got a United States ambassador killed along with three other very, very good men who deserved much better from all of us. Now, this may not be important to Killary, but we at The Conservative Collective would suggest that it’s important to the families of the men who were slaughtered in Benghazi. Hillary knew everything and did nothing while Americans…good, brave Americans were killed arming not America’s friends, but Barack al-Barry’s friends in Syria.


We would further suggest that there are those across America who would agree that Killary’s hands can never be wiped clean of the blood that soaks her progressive digits. We have to wonder if she would be as cavalier with the memories of her child, charred and lifeless, being dragged through the streets of Benghazi by worthless animals. We wonder if this morally bankrupt creature who wishes to occupy a sacred space, already dirtied by her predecessor, has a conscience at all. We think not.hillary2

Hillary Clinton should not be president because she is corrupt to her very core. She should not be president because she is a deceiver of the highest order, She should not be president because she could not care less about the old, the poor or the infirm. She should not be president because she only cares about power and nothing else. She is treasonous, recalcitrant and utterly shallow.

Would it help America if Chris Stevens were dressed like Barack al-Barry’s imaginary son? hillary4Would anybody care then? It’s a fair bet that Hillary Rodham Clinton wouldn’t give a rat’s ass if the North Koreans had Chelsea hanging upside down in a snake-filled closet if it meant she couldn’t be president Hillary would and we do suspect has sold her soul to herself.

What America needs to remember before it votes for Hillary is that she wouldn’t care if all of us ended up looking like Chris Stevens did in the end…take a good, long look at what Hillary Rodham Clinton was responsible for as a do-nothing Secretary of State.stevens_death_AFP

Do you think she cares about you?