Death is overcome! Jesus Christ is alive!

To many Christian members of the Conservative Collective, Easter is the high point of the year. This is the time of year when we can laugh in the face of those who would destroy us and proclaim that they can never…repeat NEVER destroy us. The absolute worst that Christian-haters have to offer us is life everlasting in the house of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. With that in mind, we fear nothing on this planet, especially cowards who hide behind masks and kill children.easter1

Today is the day we celebrate with the knowledge that Christ overcame death itself and therefore is the reflection of God on Earth. Jesus Christ arose from his crypt to walk among us as a show that his words and deeds were not some form of trickery, but the works of God through His son.

This is a day of joy and celebration among Christians all over the globe. We tell the entire world on this day that we do not fear what the future holds. We have received the gift of life from The Creator and our lives are His.easter2

For those of the Conservative Collective who believe in Christ, we hold up his love as the ultimate shield against those who do the work of Satan. At the same time, we embrace as brothers and sisters those who do not share our faith, but do endorse our conservative principles. We force no one to believe, we do not kill those who choose another path and we expect no ransom for rejecting the words of Christ..

That is the pure difference between good and evil. God bless all of us!easter3