HRC Super Boring Volunteers…yawn!!

The Conservative Collective has been made aware of a group of self-adoring progressives (shocker!) who apparently have put the news media on notice that they will not tolerate the use of the English language in disparaging her majesty, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Yup. according to tweets from the twits, if the media uses the following;hrc1

they can expect, as we used to say in the first grade…to “get it like anything!”. They call themselves the HRC Super Volunteers and yes, we at the Conservative Collective thought that was a joke as well. However, as much as we laugh at them, they believe their own ridiculous press enough to tweet the following bovine scat:

“We are HRC Super Volunteers,We are Legion, We do not allow sexism, We do not forgive words like “polarizing” or “calculating” Expect us.

With that in mind, the Conservative Collective would at this time like to go on the record as one group of thinking citizens who believe to our political cores that Hillary Rodham Clinton is an insincere, disingenuous, secretive, polarizing, ambitious, calculating, overconfident, out of touch, boring, deceitful, lying, scandal-ridden, oafish, influence-peddling, manipulating, doltish, unaccomplished, narcissistic waste of humanity who represents the past and believes for some unknown reason that she is entitled to the presidency of our country. There is no doubt that she will do anything to win…that’s a given.hrc2

Did we miss any?

As for the HRC Grand Uber Would-be Nazi Volunteers, we at the Conservative Collective think of bumbling fools like them much like we think of a diaper rash…irritating, but not permanent. They are little more than a unsanitary toilet seat in the world of politics, something to be necessarily sat upon, but quickly and only with disgust, lest one might contract a socialist disease.hrc4

So, if you have a few seconds to waste, look upon the HRC Do As I Say Volunteers as the little joke they are and give them the smirk they deserve. Then, go on about the more important tasks of life, such as scraping the bottom of a shoe or dusting a baseboard.

Now this, suggested by a female member of the Conservative Collective to ruffle the fur of the progressive left simply because we can!