Jade Helm 15…a logical look

We’ve said it before…The Conservative Collective loves a good, juicy¬† conspiracy theory as much as any Tom Clancey novel. Here’s our bottom-line, end-of-the-day, all-said-and-done issue with the “conspiracy du jour”, which is that fear, rather than tactical and strategic logic usually rule the day.

That aside, let us take a look at the “Jade Helm 15” exercise that will be held in 10 states starting in July and ending in September. Here is the official “seal” of the drill:jadehelm1

Now, while an obvious connection to an episode of “Seinfeld” would be very easy to make, the Conservative Collective has to wonder just what “Master the Human Domain” means in the mind of a military planner. That in mind, we went to a member with expertise in these matters and asked that very question.

The response was quick in coming and simple…the domination of a given civilian population. Period. No negotiation, no horse trading.

The next question was, “Why?” The answer was sobering.Our military has millions of acres of property to use for every training scenario imaginable. The National Training Center, Twenty-Nine Palms, Eglin Air Force Base, Fort Benning, …the list goes on seemingly forever. Why then, we asked, does our government feel the need to deploy in civilian areas on a scale such as this? Our friend admitted that this was unusual to the point of being at the very least…unnerving.


The idea of Jade Helm 15 is to quietly incorporate (infiltrate) special operators into the civilian population of the ten states involved, but to what logical end? The official explanation is that this drill will train up our SOCOM folks for work overseas, which in and of itself smells like month old anchovies left on a countertop.

Another aspect of Jade Helm is to integrate SOCOM folks with local law enforcement allegedly for “population safety”. Well, given that the military has been conducting urban exercises without the aid or even the knowledge of local law enforcement in many cities in America for years, why would they care now? Our friend submits these words from Barack al-Barry in 2009…

“We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

The National Defense Authorization Act authorizes the feds to nationalize local law enforcement into a literal “civilian national security force”. Logically then, could Jade Helm 15 be practice for a scenario where law enforcement rips off their department patches and sews on a federal patch? Certainly. Could it be an actual attempt at a coup? Why not? Given that the Barck al-Barry administration urinates on the law almost daily and uses the Constitution as tissue paper, it’s not such a stretch, is it?


Our end point is this… Barry has 20 months left in his reign of terror. Being the good little socialist Alinskyites that he and his confederates are, they cannot allow the work of the past 6 years to be reversed. At this point, it would be anyone’s guess as to what they would NOT do to retain power.

Given that Barry has become an ally to the Islamic nations that want our children dead and spit on nearly every one of America’s traditional western allies, it is only prudent to assume that Jade Helm 15 is at least a precursor to something bad for America. If the exercise is to begin in July and given military doctrine, the Conservative Collective is told that it’s a safe bet that special operators have already been inserted into the area as a sort of “inoculation”…kind of like a vaccine.

We warn the good citizens of that area to not worry as much about the equipment you may see, by rather the new people you see and how they behave. Take pictures of every new face you see and make sure we all know about them. Watch the behavior of the new faces…special operators have very distinct mannerisms, even if they adopt an indigenous appearance.

Remember the 3 percent.