Barry’s well deserved black eye.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu finished his speech to Congress a few minutes ago and if Barry didn’t watch it, he should have. If he had watched Barry might have been able to duck in order to prevent this from happening…


Netanyahu made a mockery of Barry from the moment he walked into the hall. None of Barry’s State of the Union addresses have been as well received, and Netanyahu got wider smiles, louder and much more numerous ovations and vastly superior attention to his message. Barry gets none of that…ever.

This was an historic event where the Prime Minister of Israel told the President of the United States to go pound sand, that Israel has now cast off the political chains Barry has placed on the nation and that Israel will “stand alone if necessary, but it will stand…” A very powerful message that can be understood even by a progressive liberal.


This shows the very stark differences between two people, one a  “community organizer” with muslim roots and one a battle tested Jewish warrior. The vast abyss between the two is an obvious result of a thousands of years old battle whose end is not yet on the horizon.

Now the congressional left will lecture us on why Netanyahu is a liar and fraud, but it is too late now…the die has been cast. Americans will now begin to ask, “why can’t we see the details of your deal with Iran?” We will ask, “does Iran really have the capability to drop a nuke on Omaha?” And Barry will look at us, smile that Joker smile, point to the horizon and say…”what in the world could that be?”, and while we all turn around, he will sign an executive order banning visits by heads of state without his permission.

Netanyahu was also warning us that the Unites States of America is in Iran’s sights as well. Given the necessary delivery system, Iran will have no qualms whatsoever in sending a nuke our way. In fact, Iran thinks it is their destiny to do just that. It is their mission in life…it is their life.bibi1

Make no mistake…Netanyahu beat the ever-loving crap out of Barry and every other progressive in America. The Conservative Collective dares anyone to watch the Netanyahu speech and honestly…HONESTLY take away any other opinion, given the facts.

The Conservative Collective applauds Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his courageous words in the face of the pro-muslim actions and history of the al-Barry White house and Department of State.

Mr, Prime Minister, America has listened. We heard you…and we are with you.