Progressive tantrums…gotta love ’em!

The Conservative Collective never fails to be amused at what makes the lower lip of America’s progressive pooch out. A case in point is the visit of Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu for a speech to the combined houses of Congress at the request of Speaker of the House John Boehner.

In a world that is on fire even to the most casual observer, such as Barack al-Barry, any visit from a head of state that may even remotely affect world peace in a positive way, should be welcomed as a good thing. But not to the progressive left…

In a snit because the Netanyahu invitation came from a lowly player such as our Speaker of the House, Barry’s lower lip is out and he has decided to pout instead of doing the business of America. No shock really, as it is both obvious and well known that Barry has no love for either Israel or Netanyahu and in fact has shown open contempt for both many times during the past six years of his useless presidency.obamapouting

There are also some dozen or so unknown or unproductive members of Congress who will not be attending the Netanyahu speech who also have a lower lip that is protruding. One of members, Uber-Alinskyite Bernie Sanders from Vermont is among them, but the Conservative Collective wants to know who cares what Sanders does? One other name is among the list of bottom-feeders is that of James Clyburn, an insufferable boor and member of the Black Congressional Caucus who makes his living being rude and unstable.

So in the end, it may be to the advantage of the United States to ensure that the representatives of such an anti-Israeli sentiment are not allowed to show their support for their terrorist brothers and sisters in ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood. They do it daily by virtue of their words and deeds, so there really is no good reason to allow them to sully the air when Netanyahu delivers his speech. It is morally sound that while a real leader such as Netanyahu delivers the truth, our own progressive serpents will slither elsewhere, probably in the dark, stinking alleys of Washington D.C., waiting like an opportunistic virus to lash out at Americans and American exceptionalism.

While their sense of self-worth is laughable, the reality is that the dozen or so progressives who stuck out that lower lip as a show of infantile anger are totally and utterly irrelevant to any aspect of what Netanyahu might say in his address. He could not possibly care less about the feelings or corrupt musings of a gaggle of progressive thieves and liars, nor should he care. In fact, it is a colossal waste of time for any in the Conservative Collective to mull such doltish activity for so much as one more second.

A typical American liberal

A typical American liberal

Therefore, we won’t.