Bullets? Again…? C’mon Barry!!!

UPDATE: 3/10/15…BATFE has decided that the ban on SS109/M855 ammunition is not a good idea right now. Apparently, there was such a ruckus raised by honest Americans that the better idea became to back off, at least temporarily. Make no mistake…Barry/Holder will be back to try again. Do not become complacent America!!! Remain vigilant!!!

Well, The Conservative Collective hates to be a tattle-tale, but it comes to America’s attention that Barack al-Barry is up to his old, “nothing up my sleeve” politics again, this time just trying to give manual abuse to his base. The culprit? These.


These are SS109/M855 cartridges, caliber 5.56, 62 grains in weight, used in the most popular rifle used in American competitive target shooting, the AR-15. As evil as the al-Barry administration would like each and every American to believe the AR-15 is, he has failed miserably in every attempt to do so. So, he has made the decision to do another end-run on Congress and the American public. He has decided to stay in the sewers of the White House and order the Department of Justice (read: Eric Holder) to change the rules…again. In the name of law enforcement and “officer safety”, Barry wants this cartridge…GONE!!!

Some brief history on the SS109/M855 cartridge would be in order we think. Some years ago, it was sadly discovered that American soldiers were dying in battle because the standard battle cartridge projectile, 55 grains in weight, had a miserable penetration rate at extended distances, say…400 meters. A steel penetrator was added to the standard projectile and the SS109/M855 cartridge was born. Contrary to the lies coming from the White House, the original intent was NOT an “armor piercing” bullet.

That aside, this cartridge has been available to the shooting public for many, many years and the Conservative Collective having researched the number of officers who have been shot…through a bullet resistant vest with the SS109/M855, to be…wait for it…ZERO!!!

For the record, the Conservative Collective offers these examples of criminals using AR-15 rifles;

Oooo...very scary!!!!

Oooo…very scary!!!!

Here is another example of well dressed criminals, using equipment valued in the thousands of dollars, on a target range participating in what Barry would have us all believe…well, doesn’t happen. Barry wants us to think that every SS109 cartridge, in any AR-15, at any time, is pointed at a cop.ss1094

It’s a lie. Another al-Barry lie.  Yet another lie? That the AR-15 isn’t a shooting platform used by women for recreation. What bovine scat! Women LOVE the AR-15 for a lot of reasons. Low recoil, very good accuracy with the SS109 cartridge and a lot of fun! Yes, fun!

There is no way to predict when the American public will wake up and learn that Barack al-Barry lies. He wakes up lying, he goes to sleep lying and every second in between is spent lying. All that matters is his progressive/muslim agenda…to the death.

Good Americans don’t do evil, and “things” don’t make good Americans do evil, either. Whether it is a baseball bat, an SS109 cartridge, an AR-15 rifle with a magazine that holds a thousand rounds or a thermo-nuclear device, good Americans do not do evil…period!

        Good Americans

Good Americans

A Conservative Collective technical note/fun fact…as regards the bullet weights in the post? There are 7000 grains in a pound. You’re welcome.

URGENT UPDATE: March 6, 2015…It turns out that the 2015 ATF rules are out and the exemption for the M855 5.56 ammo has already been removed from the rules, making the comment period until March 16th an absolute waste of breath. ATF (Obama) never had any intention of reading or caring about any comments. DUPED AGAIN BY OBAMA/HOLDER !!!!! Congress must pass the “Ammunition shall never again be tampered with by government or the result will be open and violent rebellion to restore the constitution as the law of the land, as it was written, act”. The Conservative Collective shits you not!!!