HRC Super Boring Volunteers…yawn!!

The Conservative Collective has been made aware of a group of self-adoring progressives (shocker!) who apparently have put the news media on notice that they will not tolerate the use of the English language in disparaging her majesty, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Yup. according to tweets from the twits, if the media uses the following;hrc1

they can expect, as we used to say in the first grade…to “get it like anything!”. They call themselves the HRC Super Volunteers and yes, we at the Conservative Collective thought that was a joke as well. However, as much as we laugh at them, they believe their own ridiculous press enough to tweet the following bovine scat:

“We are HRC Super Volunteers,We are Legion, We do not allow sexism, We do not forgive words like “polarizing” or “calculating” Expect us.

With that in mind, the Conservative Collective would at this time like to go on the record as one group of thinking citizens who believe to our political cores that Hillary Rodham Clinton is an insincere, disingenuous, secretive, polarizing, ambitious, calculating, overconfident, out of touch, boring, deceitful, lying, scandal-ridden, oafish, influence-peddling, manipulating, doltish, unaccomplished, narcissistic waste of humanity who represents the past and believes for some unknown reason that she is entitled to the presidency of our country. There is no doubt that she will do anything to win…that’s a given.hrc2

Did we miss any?

As for the HRC Grand Uber Would-be Nazi Volunteers, we at the Conservative Collective think of bumbling fools like them much like we think of a diaper rash…irritating, but not permanent. They are little more than a unsanitary toilet seat in the world of politics, something to be necessarily sat upon, but quickly and only with disgust, lest one might contract a socialist disease.hrc4

So, if you have a few seconds to waste, look upon the HRC Do As I Say Volunteers as the little joke they are and give them the smirk they deserve. Then, go on about the more important tasks of life, such as scraping the bottom of a shoe or dusting a baseboard.

Now this, suggested by a female member of the Conservative Collective to ruffle the fur of the progressive left simply because we can!


Jade Helm 15…a logical look

We’ve said it before…The Conservative Collective loves a good, juicy  conspiracy theory as much as any Tom Clancey novel. Here’s our bottom-line, end-of-the-day, all-said-and-done issue with the “conspiracy du jour”, which is that fear, rather than tactical and strategic logic usually rule the day.

That aside, let us take a look at the “Jade Helm 15” exercise that will be held in 10 states starting in July and ending in September. Here is the official “seal” of the drill:jadehelm1

Now, while an obvious connection to an episode of “Seinfeld” would be very easy to make, the Conservative Collective has to wonder just what “Master the Human Domain” means in the mind of a military planner. That in mind, we went to a member with expertise in these matters and asked that very question.

The response was quick in coming and simple…the domination of a given civilian population. Period. No negotiation, no horse trading.

The next question was, “Why?” The answer was sobering.Our military has millions of acres of property to use for every training scenario imaginable. The National Training Center, Twenty-Nine Palms, Eglin Air Force Base, Fort Benning, …the list goes on seemingly forever. Why then, we asked, does our government feel the need to deploy in civilian areas on a scale such as this? Our friend admitted that this was unusual to the point of being at the very least…unnerving.


The idea of Jade Helm 15 is to quietly incorporate (infiltrate) special operators into the civilian population of the ten states involved, but to what logical end? The official explanation is that this drill will train up our SOCOM folks for work overseas, which in and of itself smells like month old anchovies left on a countertop.

Another aspect of Jade Helm is to integrate SOCOM folks with local law enforcement allegedly for “population safety”. Well, given that the military has been conducting urban exercises without the aid or even the knowledge of local law enforcement in many cities in America for years, why would they care now? Our friend submits these words from Barack al-Barry in 2009…

“We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

The National Defense Authorization Act authorizes the feds to nationalize local law enforcement into a literal “civilian national security force”. Logically then, could Jade Helm 15 be practice for a scenario where law enforcement rips off their department patches and sews on a federal patch? Certainly. Could it be an actual attempt at a coup? Why not? Given that the Barck al-Barry administration urinates on the law almost daily and uses the Constitution as tissue paper, it’s not such a stretch, is it?


Our end point is this… Barry has 20 months left in his reign of terror. Being the good little socialist Alinskyites that he and his confederates are, they cannot allow the work of the past 6 years to be reversed. At this point, it would be anyone’s guess as to what they would NOT do to retain power.

Given that Barry has become an ally to the Islamic nations that want our children dead and spit on nearly every one of America’s traditional western allies, it is only prudent to assume that Jade Helm 15 is at least a precursor to something bad for America. If the exercise is to begin in July and given military doctrine, the Conservative Collective is told that it’s a safe bet that special operators have already been inserted into the area as a sort of “inoculation”…kind of like a vaccine.

We warn the good citizens of that area to not worry as much about the equipment you may see, by rather the new people you see and how they behave. Take pictures of every new face you see and make sure we all know about them. Watch the behavior of the new faces…special operators have very distinct mannerisms, even if they adopt an indigenous appearance.

Remember the 3 percent.


Barry’s well deserved black eye.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu finished his speech to Congress a few minutes ago and if Barry didn’t watch it, he should have. If he had watched Barry might have been able to duck in order to prevent this from happening…


Netanyahu made a mockery of Barry from the moment he walked into the hall. None of Barry’s State of the Union addresses have been as well received, and Netanyahu got wider smiles, louder and much more numerous ovations and vastly superior attention to his message. Barry gets none of that…ever.

This was an historic event where the Prime Minister of Israel told the President of the United States to go pound sand, that Israel has now cast off the political chains Barry has placed on the nation and that Israel will “stand alone if necessary, but it will stand…” A very powerful message that can be understood even by a progressive liberal.


This shows the very stark differences between two people, one a  “community organizer” with muslim roots and one a battle tested Jewish warrior. The vast abyss between the two is an obvious result of a thousands of years old battle whose end is not yet on the horizon.

Now the congressional left will lecture us on why Netanyahu is a liar and fraud, but it is too late now…the die has been cast. Americans will now begin to ask, “why can’t we see the details of your deal with Iran?” We will ask, “does Iran really have the capability to drop a nuke on Omaha?” And Barry will look at us, smile that Joker smile, point to the horizon and say…”what in the world could that be?”, and while we all turn around, he will sign an executive order banning visits by heads of state without his permission.

Netanyahu was also warning us that the Unites States of America is in Iran’s sights as well. Given the necessary delivery system, Iran will have no qualms whatsoever in sending a nuke our way. In fact, Iran thinks it is their destiny to do just that. It is their mission in life…it is their life.bibi1

Make no mistake…Netanyahu beat the ever-loving crap out of Barry and every other progressive in America. The Conservative Collective dares anyone to watch the Netanyahu speech and honestly…HONESTLY take away any other opinion, given the facts.

The Conservative Collective applauds Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his courageous words in the face of the pro-muslim actions and history of the al-Barry White house and Department of State.

Mr, Prime Minister, America has listened. We heard you…and we are with you.


Obama Bin-Lyin…Ya Think?!

There is a tenant of Islam called “kitman”, wherein a follower of Mohammed can lie boldly and without fear of retribution straight into the faces and/or cameras of unbelievers, hypocrites or Jews. In fact, at times such deception is deemed to be obligatory where jihad is concerned if such deception will advance the Islamic agenda.

“Kitman”, or holy hypocrisy, is arguably the most useful quiver in the Islamic quiver, as America has become so hyper-sensitized that even the most veiled suggestion that Islam is anything other than a murdering cult is nearly always met with anger and derision.

Enter the Conservative Collective and our years-old belief that the mass of human debris that now occupies the Oval Office is at the very least aligned with Islam and against America, and at worst is actually an agent of Islam.

Far fetched? Well, not at all if one is listening to the words that come directly from Barry’s mouth. How about…


Why not, we ask? The single goal of Islam is global domination, This is not the opinion of the Conservative collective, this is the goal as described in the holy book of Islam, the Quran:

The following translation is approved and funded by the Saudi Royal family; the parenthetical explanations are original:

61:9 He it is Who has sent His Messenger (Muhammad) with guidance and the religion of truth (Islamic monotheism) to make it victorious over all (other) religions even though the Mushrik (polytheists, pagans, idolaters, and disbelievers in the Oneness of Allah and His Messenger Muhammad) hate (it). (Hilali and Khan)


Barry has been lying, deceiving, bullying, and pilfering for decades. It is his way because it is the Muslim way to win. There is no room for doubt here, America. If anyone reading these words does not go forth and try to prove beyond a shred of doubt to themselves that what we are saying is either true or not, America as a free nation is doomed.

The Conservative Collective is fighting and will continue to fight against Islam for as long as it takes to win. If anyone reading this is still held captive by the lies that Islam is first, peaceful and second, a religion, then that person is a fool and will most likely remain a fool.

The obvious is always obvious…or is it?

obamabinlyin3Read more:

Bullets? Again…? C’mon Barry!!!

UPDATE: 3/10/15…BATFE has decided that the ban on SS109/M855 ammunition is not a good idea right now. Apparently, there was such a ruckus raised by honest Americans that the better idea became to back off, at least temporarily. Make no mistake…Barry/Holder will be back to try again. Do not become complacent America!!! Remain vigilant!!!

Well, The Conservative Collective hates to be a tattle-tale, but it comes to America’s attention that Barack al-Barry is up to his old, “nothing up my sleeve” politics again, this time just trying to give manual abuse to his base. The culprit? These.


These are SS109/M855 cartridges, caliber 5.56, 62 grains in weight, used in the most popular rifle used in American competitive target shooting, the AR-15. As evil as the al-Barry administration would like each and every American to believe the AR-15 is, he has failed miserably in every attempt to do so. So, he has made the decision to do another end-run on Congress and the American public. He has decided to stay in the sewers of the White House and order the Department of Justice (read: Eric Holder) to change the rules…again. In the name of law enforcement and “officer safety”, Barry wants this cartridge…GONE!!!

Some brief history on the SS109/M855 cartridge would be in order we think. Some years ago, it was sadly discovered that American soldiers were dying in battle because the standard battle cartridge projectile, 55 grains in weight, had a miserable penetration rate at extended distances, say…400 meters. A steel penetrator was added to the standard projectile and the SS109/M855 cartridge was born. Contrary to the lies coming from the White House, the original intent was NOT an “armor piercing” bullet.

That aside, this cartridge has been available to the shooting public for many, many years and the Conservative Collective having researched the number of officers who have been shot…through a bullet resistant vest with the SS109/M855, to be…wait for it…ZERO!!!

For the record, the Conservative Collective offers these examples of criminals using AR-15 rifles;

Oooo...very scary!!!!

Oooo…very scary!!!!

Here is another example of well dressed criminals, using equipment valued in the thousands of dollars, on a target range participating in what Barry would have us all believe…well, doesn’t happen. Barry wants us to think that every SS109 cartridge, in any AR-15, at any time, is pointed at a cop.ss1094

It’s a lie. Another al-Barry lie.  Yet another lie? That the AR-15 isn’t a shooting platform used by women for recreation. What bovine scat! Women LOVE the AR-15 for a lot of reasons. Low recoil, very good accuracy with the SS109 cartridge and a lot of fun! Yes, fun!

There is no way to predict when the American public will wake up and learn that Barack al-Barry lies. He wakes up lying, he goes to sleep lying and every second in between is spent lying. All that matters is his progressive/muslim agenda…to the death.

Good Americans don’t do evil, and “things” don’t make good Americans do evil, either. Whether it is a baseball bat, an SS109 cartridge, an AR-15 rifle with a magazine that holds a thousand rounds or a thermo-nuclear device, good Americans do not do evil…period!

        Good Americans

Good Americans

A Conservative Collective technical note/fun fact…as regards the bullet weights in the post? There are 7000 grains in a pound. You’re welcome.

URGENT UPDATE: March 6, 2015…It turns out that the 2015 ATF rules are out and the exemption for the M855 5.56 ammo has already been removed from the rules, making the comment period until March 16th an absolute waste of breath. ATF (Obama) never had any intention of reading or caring about any comments. DUPED AGAIN BY OBAMA/HOLDER !!!!! Congress must pass the “Ammunition shall never again be tampered with by government or the result will be open and violent rebellion to restore the constitution as the law of the land, as it was written, act”. The Conservative Collective shits you not!!!


Progressive tantrums…gotta love ’em!

The Conservative Collective never fails to be amused at what makes the lower lip of America’s progressive pooch out. A case in point is the visit of Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu for a speech to the combined houses of Congress at the request of Speaker of the House John Boehner.

In a world that is on fire even to the most casual observer, such as Barack al-Barry, any visit from a head of state that may even remotely affect world peace in a positive way, should be welcomed as a good thing. But not to the progressive left…

In a snit because the Netanyahu invitation came from a lowly player such as our Speaker of the House, Barry’s lower lip is out and he has decided to pout instead of doing the business of America. No shock really, as it is both obvious and well known that Barry has no love for either Israel or Netanyahu and in fact has shown open contempt for both many times during the past six years of his useless presidency.obamapouting

There are also some dozen or so unknown or unproductive members of Congress who will not be attending the Netanyahu speech who also have a lower lip that is protruding. One of members, Uber-Alinskyite Bernie Sanders from Vermont is among them, but the Conservative Collective wants to know who cares what Sanders does? One other name is among the list of bottom-feeders is that of James Clyburn, an insufferable boor and member of the Black Congressional Caucus who makes his living being rude and unstable.

So in the end, it may be to the advantage of the United States to ensure that the representatives of such an anti-Israeli sentiment are not allowed to show their support for their terrorist brothers and sisters in ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood. They do it daily by virtue of their words and deeds, so there really is no good reason to allow them to sully the air when Netanyahu delivers his speech. It is morally sound that while a real leader such as Netanyahu delivers the truth, our own progressive serpents will slither elsewhere, probably in the dark, stinking alleys of Washington D.C., waiting like an opportunistic virus to lash out at Americans and American exceptionalism.

While their sense of self-worth is laughable, the reality is that the dozen or so progressives who stuck out that lower lip as a show of infantile anger are totally and utterly irrelevant to any aspect of what Netanyahu might say in his address. He could not possibly care less about the feelings or corrupt musings of a gaggle of progressive thieves and liars, nor should he care. In fact, it is a colossal waste of time for any in the Conservative Collective to mull such doltish activity for so much as one more second.

A typical American liberal

A typical American liberal

Therefore, we won’t.