Imagine…NOT in Lennon’s way!

The Conservative Collective would like to take a moment and indulge in the precise alternative to that progressive holy grail of “no firearms in America”.


In our case, the opposite end of the spectrum would be the mandatory ownership of firearms by every trained adult in America, a la Switzerland. The mere prospect of bringing at least one set of progressive deceptions to the abrupt end they deserve is exciting to imagine, but not in the same way that John Lennon was imaging the way life should be.

Unlike anti-gun buffoons, the Conservative Collective took the time many decades ago to become knowledgeable in the way of the gun. We learned that peaceful men and women who have no intention of hurting anyone will never use a gun for that purpose. We are simply not as stupid as the morons on the left. We know intellectually, that the simple placing of a gun in a woman’s hand will not give her the urge to kill. We also know that children, property trained in firearms safety are safer in life and can actually save the lives of untrained children. guns4

Imagine a nation where a gun was owned and carried by every person. What criminal would dare commit an act of violence? What terrorist would come to America with the expectation that they could do what they did in Paris? Imagine The National Matches, a shooting competition, being the largest sporting event in America as it was not too long ago.

With the exception of false data fabricated by Gabby Giffords or The Brady Bunch to suit their political agenda, data gathered by the likes of the FBI, ATF and other agencies shows time and time again the firearms in America is an infinitesimal issue.

Firearms should be owned by every American, like it or not. This concept is no more radical than that of the left where every firearm must be turned in to government,like it or not. However, in the progressive model, many more Americans are killed by bad guys, which they think is OK, as long as they themselves are not hurt. In the Conservative Collective model, lives are saved.


Progressives are killing more eagles with windmills, killing more infirm and elderly Americans with Barrycare, killing more American with deadly vehicles made by Barry’s car company, GM, murdering good men in Benghazi and killing Americans with racism.  In short, Progressives are killing more and more Americans every year with blind allegiance to the socialist policies of madman liberal, Saul Alinsky.

The Conservative Collective would like to see a firearm in every home and school room. We would like to find out how brave a killer would be if he or she knew that their lives would be measured in seconds the moment they began an assault in a fully armed America. We would be curious to know if Achmed al-Boom would change his mind to blow up a bus or school in America if he knew that his chances of getting to his target alive were nearly zero?

America has already armed up. The FBI has opened terrorist cases in 49 states in America. Common sense and simple math would dictate that it is only a matter of time before an armed citizen sends a killer or terrorist to rot in hell, and The Conservative Collective says the sooner the better.


Guns for everyone!