Only a few minutes remaining, America.

In the grand  scheme of our republic, time has essentially run out. If there is to be a reversal of the incredible damage that has been done to this country by Barry in the name of Islam and progressive agenda, it must begin in the next few minutes. As this post is written, we Americans are preparing to kill ourselves.


Barry has raped the law of the land repeatedly and America has cowered not in fear as much as in apathy. We don’t seem to care about anything worthwhile any more. Our kids, our pets, our borders, riots and looting, cops acting like the gestapo, booze, drugs, our movies (with exceptions like American Sniper)  are crap, TV is crap, schools are indoctrination centers, courts are extensions of the White House and the list of our loss of national pride goes on and on.

Where are the days when moronic loons like Ed Schultz, Micheal Moore and Alec Baldwin were shunned because the hateful venom they spread was unacceptable? Where is the common sense that used to remove judges who wrote law from the bench or upheld lawless decrees from the White House? At one time these folks would have been exposed as the traitors they were and then would have been promptly and unceremoniously removed from office.

abeWhat ever happened to the constitutional tenant granted to  American citizens that it was our duty to cast off oppressive government such as that we now find ourselves living under and replace it with a government that works in the favor of all of the people, not its own? Today, the Constitution is not simply being perverted, it is being systematically disassembled.

Barry has proven, at least to the the Conservative Collective, that he holds his relationship with Islam much closer to his heart than any pseudo-relationship with America that he has manufactured for the consumption of the stupid and self-serving public. His repeated actions prove beyond any doubt that he is making decisions that favor our enemies and will ultimately destroy not only these United States, but our allies as well. The simple truth is that Barry and his confederates in the White House and Congress are enemies of the state.ambulanceintoconst

America is being intentionally divided by race, gender and party. Where there is order, it is being replaced by chaos generated to keep all eyes focused away from Barry’s political end game. Spending authority that is constitutionally granted to Congress is being usurped by the White House in supremely duplicitous ways, hidden from out of sight of a stupid and lazy public to the tune of trillions of dollars.  America wakes up every morning,  yawns and turns on the television to watch progressive propaganda masquerading as news or weather shows.

Our time is short. The new Republican controlled congress could do a lot to unravel the damage that has been done in the past six years. They could hobble Barry and watch to see what a desperate president does in the face of real opposition.

There are millions of Americans who are prepared and preparing for change that they believe in, but it has nothing to do with Barry’s agenda.

obamaischair new-yorker-obama-cover

It has more to do with New Yorker covers. Think about it…