Rogan, Neeson…boring twits

The Conservative Collective has seen movies with Seth Rogan in them on multiple occasions. Some were worth a giggle, some were not and none were worth actually paying good money to see. The fact is, Seth Rogan is a mediocre movie presence at best and we wouldn’t even use the term “actor” to describe what he does. A more accurate term might be “sophomoric” or “childish”, but we reserve the term “actor” for those who engage in the professional endeavor, not cinematic graffiti.

Rogan is what Rogan is. He obviously knows that his face on a movie poster will draw tens of people to a Red Box because they want to watch a movie, but have already seen all of the good ones. So, with a sigh and a shrug of the shoulders, they rent a Seth Rogan epic knowing full well that the time they spend watching it would be better spent washing a chicken or scraping the crud off the bottom of a shoe.

It should come as no surprise then, that a nothing like Rogan would be inescapably drawn to criticize a man of virtue and integrity like Chris Kyle. Like so much of Hollywood, Rogan is made of balsa wood whereas Kyle had balls of pure, hard-rolled steel. Hollywood, with very few exceptions, is a world of vapor, where passing gas is mistaken as an intelligent thought among the Hollywood elite.

Creatures like Rogan perform acts of false courage on the pages of a script, snuggled safely away in a world of styrofoam and green screens. It’s easy to be critical of true courage when the greatest danger you face every day is breaking a nail or bruising an ego. Rogan’s opinion of Chris Kyle is as worthy of notice as the goo on the floor of a taxi cab, but not quite as valuable.

Like him or not, like what he did or not, Chris Kyle was a man of honor and when asked by his nation to protect Marines, he did his job magnificently. He loved his God, which is more likely the reason his critics are as venomous as they are, he loved his family as much or more than any Hollywood elitist could pretend to love theirs and he loved America and Americans. Rogan came to America as a Canadian looking for a paycheck, so taking anything Rogan says seriously would be a mistake.

At some point, probably after burning a bowl, Rogan convinced himself that his opinion is worthy of note at all, let alone by thinking human beings. To be fair, there are other Hollywood whorlets like Rogan, who make their livings as hypocrites. Liam Neeson springs immediately to mind as one who creates violence and is responsible for violence in America, but is morally bankrupt enough to insist that since every potential moviegoer has the choice not to go watch his movies, gun violence is our fault, not his, and that America simply has too many guns. It would be easy enough to simply blow off Rogan or Neeson as wankers, but that would be an insult to wankers.

So, along with the Redfords, Streisands, Paltrows and other self-adoring, self-serving elitists in Hollywood, we can now add Seth Rogan and Liam Neeson to the growing list of single celled bottom-feeders who grow fat on the greatness of America, but offer nothing of virtue in return.

It doesn’t matter to the Conservative Collective if they have fed the poor in Africa or adopted a snow leopard, we are not fooled by the actions of buffoons and idiots. Some become circus clowns, some become mediocre actors and one even became the first black president. In the end, history and God alone will judge them and until then they must be content with living in the darkest parts of Chris Kyle’s incredible shadow.

In the meantime, the Conservative Collective will judge them as they judge others…without mercy or remorse.

(Update: Yesterday, actor Dean Cain stood up for Chris Kyle. We knew they were good friends and we salute Mr. Cain. Also yesterday, some guy named Alec said something, but really…who cares what a semi-retired toilet brush cleaner from Juarez has to say?)

(Update #2: Pus-filled boil Micheal Moore keeps taking cheap shots (pun…yes) at a guy who can’t even defend himself. Moore is like that…sit his enormous ass safely behind a keyboard and be a bad-ass. What a cowardly little bitch! Be a man MM, come on out and say your gutless shit face-to-face with someone who admires Chris Kyle! Then we’ll talk snipers, you oafish dolt!)