Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was just a man

This is a day to celebrate the memory of an American champion. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a true champion of justice, but his greatness does not derive from his activism in and of itself. King’s greatness was a product of his courage and not his words.


In fact, for decades there have been accusations made that many of King’s famous words came from his contemporaries or even other activists before him. The Conservative Collective does not revere King’s words as much as it does the courage of the man to stand up and be heard in the face of ridicule and physical harm. Many point to the faults of King, but the Conservative Collective dares anyone to challenge or match his courage.

It was in his strength to tell the world that there was an issue in America that needed to be resolved, that King found his greatness. He was a man of conviction, driven to do what was right not only for blacks as a  community, but for America as a nation. King gave his life for his cause, but he also offered up his life for every American to remember and consider.

In recent years, charlatans and deceivers have corrupted the memory of Dr. King even going so far as to infer that King somehow “belonged” to Black America alone. Some, such as uber-racists Al Sharpton, Barack Hussein Obama, Eric Holder and many members of the Black Congressional Caucus dishonor the name of Dr. King when they use his name or words to seek retribution against fellow Americans.  .

America needs to ignore the Al Sharptons of the world and embrace the philosophy of Dr. King as he intended it to be embraced. Dr. King created the yardstick against which America could measure it’s regard for justice. He intended this measurement to be used for all Americans, not just those who were black and lived in certain cities in America. He simply wanted the signs to be taken down…for the race to be removed from membership and job applications and to allow ability to drive success, not race. Dr. King’s drive for justice was not for a pound of flesh as it is now, it was for the freedom to achieve alongside any other American.

In the end, Dr. King was just a man and like so many other men and women who stumble, he summoned up the courage to stand up and tell America that the time for real social justice had arrived. Not the false “social justice” that many cling to today as a means to a payoff, but the social justice that allows a man or woman to earn and then live with the pride that they produced something worthwhile for themselves and the nation.

The Conservative Collective is convinced that Dr. Martin Luther King would be ashamed of this man and would most certainly march against him and his murderous agenda. So, why don’t we do what King would have done?