Chris Kyle…our reverent thoughts

The central discussion among the Conservative Collective during the past 72 hours has been the move American Sniper. Simply put, the movie portrays actor Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle, a U.S. Navy SEAL sniper who saved the lives of many hundreds and perhaps hundreds upon hundreds of US soldiers and Marines in Iraq during OIF.


Many of the Conservative Collective read the autobiography written by Kyle and when the rumors of a movie began to circulate, there was eager anticipation, not because he was a decorated sniper, but because he was a decorated American sniper.

Many of the Conservative Collective have seen or heard Chris Kyle talk about his life in general, and some apparently had even had the opportunity to speak with Kyle one-on-one, even if briefly. If there seemed to have been a common thread or threads in Kyle’s life it was God first, then America and then his family. An odd concept to some, but the simplicity of that arrangement makes complete sense, for without the first two, the third would be impossible.


Chris Kyle was an American. He believed in the goodness of his nation and in the cause he was fighting for so bravely. He saw the savage nature of those who kill while hiding behind the pages of the Q’uran and he knew what ungodly perversions these animals were. Kyle was able to cut through the hash and he gave generously of his own time and effort to ensure that as many Islamic barbarians as possible were able meet their virgins, male and canine, in the great beyond.

The other thing that the Conservative Collective finds obvious is that Chris Kyle loved his wife and children as much as he loved his country and his God. It was that three way impossible struggle that tore Kyle to shreds as it has done with so many other veterans who want so badly to explain what is inside them, but feel frustrated because first, there are no words to describe what they’ve lived and second, even if the words where there, the abject terror that the family you so adore would hate you for what you did is ever-present and keeps you from speaking.


Chris Kyle walked the tight-rope as well as any man could have and he was a man among men…he was a US Navy SEAL. In the beginning, he was saving his beloved Marines and at the end, he was saving a Marine. It was what Chris Kyle did best, along with being a good man, a good husband and a good father.

chris kyle3

At the end of the meeting of the Conservative Collective, it was decided that we should do no less than remember Chris Kyle by adopting the ideals that Kyle stood up for so many times, adopting them as our own and passing them on to our children in homage to him. We also pledge to remember him as a cowboy and as a Texan. Full of piss and vinegar (ask any old used up and worthless feather boa-wearing ex-wrestler asshat who sues widows and children), but overflowing with love for the things that matter.

The Conservative Collective knows that Barry, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Harry Reid, Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi and the entire Traitors Brigade would never be worthy to carry a bucket of Chris Kyle’s piss. For that matter, neither would we be, the “Legend” was that great.

And now that he resides in the house of our Heavenly Father, we will remember him and all who have served, and we wish Chris ten rings forever…well, maybe with the occasional 8 or 9 ring flyer just for grins.


God bless you Chris and thank you