Only a few minutes remaining, America.

In the grand  scheme of our republic, time has essentially run out. If there is to be a reversal of the incredible damage that has been done to this country by Barry in the name of Islam and progressive agenda, it must begin in the next few minutes. As this post is written, we Americans are preparing to kill ourselves.


Barry has raped the law of the land repeatedly and America has cowered not in fear as much as in apathy. We don’t seem to care about anything worthwhile any more. Our kids, our pets, our borders, riots and looting, cops acting like the gestapo, booze, drugs, our movies (with exceptions like American Sniper)  are crap, TV is crap, schools are indoctrination centers, courts are extensions of the White House and the list of our loss of national pride goes on and on.

Where are the days when moronic loons like Ed Schultz, Micheal Moore and Alec Baldwin were shunned because the hateful venom they spread was unacceptable? Where is the common sense that used to remove judges who wrote law from the bench or upheld lawless decrees from the White House? At one time these folks would have been exposed as the traitors they were and then would have been promptly and unceremoniously removed from office.

abeWhat ever happened to the constitutional tenant granted to  American citizens that it was our duty to cast off oppressive government such as that we now find ourselves living under and replace it with a government that works in the favor of all of the people, not its own? Today, the Constitution is not simply being perverted, it is being systematically disassembled.

Barry has proven, at least to the the Conservative Collective, that he holds his relationship with Islam much closer to his heart than any pseudo-relationship with America that he has manufactured for the consumption of the stupid and self-serving public. His repeated actions prove beyond any doubt that he is making decisions that favor our enemies and will ultimately destroy not only these United States, but our allies as well. The simple truth is that Barry and his confederates in the White House and Congress are enemies of the state.ambulanceintoconst

America is being intentionally divided by race, gender and party. Where there is order, it is being replaced by chaos generated to keep all eyes focused away from Barry’s political end game. Spending authority that is constitutionally granted to Congress is being usurped by the White House in supremely duplicitous ways, hidden from out of sight of a stupid and lazy public to the tune of trillions of dollars.  America wakes up every morning,  yawns and turns on the television to watch progressive propaganda masquerading as news or weather shows.

Our time is short. The new Republican controlled congress could do a lot to unravel the damage that has been done in the past six years. They could hobble Barry and watch to see what a desperate president does in the face of real opposition.

There are millions of Americans who are prepared and preparing for change that they believe in, but it has nothing to do with Barry’s agenda.

obamaischair new-yorker-obama-cover

It has more to do with New Yorker covers. Think about it…

Progressive, sniveling crybabies!!!!

If useful for nothing else, the Democratic progressives in the Senate never fail to display the depths to which they are willing to go in order to keep their slimy paws on the reins of power.

Just weeks out from a time when Harry Reid refused to allow Republicans to offer any amendments to potential legislation, the Democrats are now crying foul because Mitch McConnell brought an end to what was an obvious attempt by progressives to bring up amendments whose only purpose in life was to stop a vote on the Keystone XL pipeline.


The blind, utter hypocrisy of the progressive left is now on full display for the entire universe to see and against this political circus backdrop, it will be interesting to see how many Americans are embarrassed enough to be in any way, shape or form connected to the left side of the political spectrum.

The Conservative Collective predicts that many hundreds of thousands of left-leaning folks will decide to distance themselves from the Democratic Party and not having the courage to become Libertarians or Republicans, will instead choose simply to become Independents. Despite the easily predictable waves of crocodile tears and mock outrage, some Americans will cling to the ephemeral notion that the Democratic Party is the party of the people, when the reality is that the party is nothing more than a socialist vacuum cleaner, taking what it can from whomever it can, whenever it can.

By way of contrast, Mitch McConnell, no friend of the Conservative Collective (see “Mitch the Bitch”), has allowed amendments from the left (already better than when Harry Reid ran blocker for Barry) in good faith only to find out that “good faith” is a virtue unknown to progressives. Given his experience, he should have known better, but we guess he had to show America that he was willing to conduct the business of the Senate with a modicum of integrity and to give the same chance to the spawns-of-satan left.


Now that McConnell knows the lay of the current 2015 political landscape, the Conservative Collective feels he should emulate Harry Reid going forward, but in a supremely conservative mode. The senate majority leader should now accept that the senate democrats have no intention of playing with honor and adopt a good, old-fashion “scorched-earth” policy as regards the left side of the aisle.

McConnell should put on a pair of balls, along with a pair of noise-cancelling headphones and proceed ahead with a plan to disassemble everything Barry has done…and that means EVERYTHING!!!

McConnell needs to overtly threaten enough democrats into joining a veto-proof senate and then move ahead, doing the job he was sent to do on the behalf of the American people. This is no time to coddle the liars, cheats and snake-oil vendors who call themselves “Democrats”. Rather, this is the time to skin each one (politically, of course) and hang the remains on the walls of his office as trophies and as a warning to those who will not dance to his tune. Harry Reid did it with great zeal at the request of Barry, why not McConnell at the request of the Americans who handed him his gavel?

The Conservative Collective does not trust Mitch McConnell as far as we can throw him, but we admit that he is showing small signs of doing what is right for our country. Now, he needs to speed things up by four or five times and finish the demolition of the legislative perversions put in place over the past six years by Reid and company.


It can be done…the question is will it be done?

Rogan, Neeson…boring twits

The Conservative Collective has seen movies with Seth Rogan in them on multiple occasions. Some were worth a giggle, some were not and none were worth actually paying good money to see. The fact is, Seth Rogan is a mediocre movie presence at best and we wouldn’t even use the term “actor” to describe what he does. A more accurate term might be “sophomoric” or “childish”, but we reserve the term “actor” for those who engage in the professional endeavor, not cinematic graffiti.

Rogan is what Rogan is. He obviously knows that his face on a movie poster will draw tens of people to a Red Box because they want to watch a movie, but have already seen all of the good ones. So, with a sigh and a shrug of the shoulders, they rent a Seth Rogan epic knowing full well that the time they spend watching it would be better spent washing a chicken or scraping the crud off the bottom of a shoe.

It should come as no surprise then, that a nothing like Rogan would be inescapably drawn to criticize a man of virtue and integrity like Chris Kyle. Like so much of Hollywood, Rogan is made of balsa wood whereas Kyle had balls of pure, hard-rolled steel. Hollywood, with very few exceptions, is a world of vapor, where passing gas is mistaken as an intelligent thought among the Hollywood elite.

Creatures like Rogan perform acts of false courage on the pages of a script, snuggled safely away in a world of styrofoam and green screens. It’s easy to be critical of true courage when the greatest danger you face every day is breaking a nail or bruising an ego. Rogan’s opinion of Chris Kyle is as worthy of notice as the goo on the floor of a taxi cab, but not quite as valuable.

Like him or not, like what he did or not, Chris Kyle was a man of honor and when asked by his nation to protect Marines, he did his job magnificently. He loved his God, which is more likely the reason his critics are as venomous as they are, he loved his family as much or more than any Hollywood elitist could pretend to love theirs and he loved America and Americans. Rogan came to America as a Canadian looking for a paycheck, so taking anything Rogan says seriously would be a mistake.

At some point, probably after burning a bowl, Rogan convinced himself that his opinion is worthy of note at all, let alone by thinking human beings. To be fair, there are other Hollywood whorlets like Rogan, who make their livings as hypocrites. Liam Neeson springs immediately to mind as one who creates violence and is responsible for violence in America, but is morally bankrupt enough to insist that since every potential moviegoer has the choice not to go watch his movies, gun violence is our fault, not his, and that America simply has too many guns. It would be easy enough to simply blow off Rogan or Neeson as wankers, but that would be an insult to wankers.

So, along with the Redfords, Streisands, Paltrows and other self-adoring, self-serving elitists in Hollywood, we can now add Seth Rogan and Liam Neeson to the growing list of single celled bottom-feeders who grow fat on the greatness of America, but offer nothing of virtue in return.

It doesn’t matter to the Conservative Collective if they have fed the poor in Africa or adopted a snow leopard, we are not fooled by the actions of buffoons and idiots. Some become circus clowns, some become mediocre actors and one even became the first black president. In the end, history and God alone will judge them and until then they must be content with living in the darkest parts of Chris Kyle’s incredible shadow.

In the meantime, the Conservative Collective will judge them as they judge others…without mercy or remorse.

(Update: Yesterday, actor Dean Cain stood up for Chris Kyle. We knew they were good friends and we salute Mr. Cain. Also yesterday, some guy named Alec said something, but really…who cares what a semi-retired toilet brush cleaner from Juarez has to say?)

(Update #2: Pus-filled boil Micheal Moore keeps taking cheap shots (pun…yes) at a guy who can’t even defend himself. Moore is like that…sit his enormous ass safely behind a keyboard and be a bad-ass. What a cowardly little bitch! Be a man MM, come on out and say your gutless shit face-to-face with someone who admires Chris Kyle! Then we’ll talk snipers, you oafish dolt!)

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was just a man

This is a day to celebrate the memory of an American champion. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a true champion of justice, but his greatness does not derive from his activism in and of itself. King’s greatness was a product of his courage and not his words.


In fact, for decades there have been accusations made that many of King’s famous words came from his contemporaries or even other activists before him. The Conservative Collective does not revere King’s words as much as it does the courage of the man to stand up and be heard in the face of ridicule and physical harm. Many point to the faults of King, but the Conservative Collective dares anyone to challenge or match his courage.

It was in his strength to tell the world that there was an issue in America that needed to be resolved, that King found his greatness. He was a man of conviction, driven to do what was right not only for blacks as a  community, but for America as a nation. King gave his life for his cause, but he also offered up his life for every American to remember and consider.

In recent years, charlatans and deceivers have corrupted the memory of Dr. King even going so far as to infer that King somehow “belonged” to Black America alone. Some, such as uber-racists Al Sharpton, Barack Hussein Obama, Eric Holder and many members of the Black Congressional Caucus dishonor the name of Dr. King when they use his name or words to seek retribution against fellow Americans.  .

America needs to ignore the Al Sharptons of the world and embrace the philosophy of Dr. King as he intended it to be embraced. Dr. King created the yardstick against which America could measure it’s regard for justice. He intended this measurement to be used for all Americans, not just those who were black and lived in certain cities in America. He simply wanted the signs to be taken down…for the race to be removed from membership and job applications and to allow ability to drive success, not race. Dr. King’s drive for justice was not for a pound of flesh as it is now, it was for the freedom to achieve alongside any other American.

In the end, Dr. King was just a man and like so many other men and women who stumble, he summoned up the courage to stand up and tell America that the time for real social justice had arrived. Not the false “social justice” that many cling to today as a means to a payoff, but the social justice that allows a man or woman to earn and then live with the pride that they produced something worthwhile for themselves and the nation.

The Conservative Collective is convinced that Dr. Martin Luther King would be ashamed of this man and would most certainly march against him and his murderous agenda. So, why don’t we do what King would have done?


Chris Kyle…our reverent thoughts

The central discussion among the Conservative Collective during the past 72 hours has been the move American Sniper. Simply put, the movie portrays actor Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle, a U.S. Navy SEAL sniper who saved the lives of many hundreds and perhaps hundreds upon hundreds of US soldiers and Marines in Iraq during OIF.


Many of the Conservative Collective read the autobiography written by Kyle and when the rumors of a movie began to circulate, there was eager anticipation, not because he was a decorated sniper, but because he was a decorated American sniper.

Many of the Conservative Collective have seen or heard Chris Kyle talk about his life in general, and some apparently had even had the opportunity to speak with Kyle one-on-one, even if briefly. If there seemed to have been a common thread or threads in Kyle’s life it was God first, then America and then his family. An odd concept to some, but the simplicity of that arrangement makes complete sense, for without the first two, the third would be impossible.


Chris Kyle was an American. He believed in the goodness of his nation and in the cause he was fighting for so bravely. He saw the savage nature of those who kill while hiding behind the pages of the Q’uran and he knew what ungodly perversions these animals were. Kyle was able to cut through the hash and he gave generously of his own time and effort to ensure that as many Islamic barbarians as possible were able meet their virgins, male and canine, in the great beyond.

The other thing that the Conservative Collective finds obvious is that Chris Kyle loved his wife and children as much as he loved his country and his God. It was that three way impossible struggle that tore Kyle to shreds as it has done with so many other veterans who want so badly to explain what is inside them, but feel frustrated because first, there are no words to describe what they’ve lived and second, even if the words where there, the abject terror that the family you so adore would hate you for what you did is ever-present and keeps you from speaking.


Chris Kyle walked the tight-rope as well as any man could have and he was a man among men…he was a US Navy SEAL. In the beginning, he was saving his beloved Marines and at the end, he was saving a Marine. It was what Chris Kyle did best, along with being a good man, a good husband and a good father.

chris kyle3

At the end of the meeting of the Conservative Collective, it was decided that we should do no less than remember Chris Kyle by adopting the ideals that Kyle stood up for so many times, adopting them as our own and passing them on to our children in homage to him. We also pledge to remember him as a cowboy and as a Texan. Full of piss and vinegar (ask any old used up and worthless feather boa-wearing ex-wrestler asshat who sues widows and children), but overflowing with love for the things that matter.

The Conservative Collective knows that Barry, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Harry Reid, Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi and the entire Traitors Brigade would never be worthy to carry a bucket of Chris Kyle’s piss. For that matter, neither would we be, the “Legend” was that great.

And now that he resides in the house of our Heavenly Father, we will remember him and all who have served, and we wish Chris ten rings forever…well, maybe with the occasional 8 or 9 ring flyer just for grins.


God bless you Chris and thank you


What about us, John?

wethepeopleWhat about us, John Boehner? Remember us…? We’re the folks you’re allegedly working for…or have you forgotten…or was all of your blithering and tattering today simply for the consumption of the ignorant masses? You sort of left us out of the equation today buddy boy! WE didn’t want you as Speaker of the House any longer! You’ve screwed up big time and all day the American people told you we wanted real, strong, brave and honest (Lord, honest would be very nice) leadership…none of which you offer.

Remember well Johnny Boy…The Conservative Collective prides itself on knowing what is in the hearts of elected open pustules like you on every level. We study what you all did since your first day you relieved yourself in the House men’s room.

And today your babbling lacked any intellectual mettle. As you  rambled on sounding like something between crying like a used up cougar and a pissy little teenybopping waitress, it became obvious that those who voted against you had courage. The lemmings who voted for you are simply the establishment career politicians who embrace self-adoration and greed over true, unselfish public service

wethepeople2 What about us Johnny Boy? We’re adult enough to know that we’re nothing but more chattel for you. The Conservative Collective kind of feels like you bent us over the arm of a couch and…well, you would know the rest. Just like the legislative crap-pile you gleefully roll in with your Barry Poo! You’re taking the men who would serve America with integrity and honor and replacing them with men and women who will turn your office into a Greyhound station toilet. Well done!

Our advice to you princess…is to wait until you can see for sure who will get the most work done on your behalf. Actually, The Conservative Collective doesn’t give you credit for being that smart. We think you will punish, punish and then punish some more, the guys who had the balls to tell you to pound establishment sand up your over-tanned ass! They would have made you the greatest Speaker this nation has ever known, but you threw that away today.

That won’t work Johnny-Boy! All you’ve done now is made 25 new enemies and shown the rest what they will get later on. When 200 of the cowards you have hiding behind you now figure out what you’re up to with Barry (we know,,,but that’s for another post…coming soon), they’re going to beg Gomert for forgiveness and stand with him. You’re all puffed up now Johnny Boy, but wait until March. March will be a very bad legislative month for you and you will deserve what you will finally receive.

The guys that voted against you today are the good guys, not you. You are obviously in league with Barry and The Conservative Collective predicts that there will be other legislative dung piles that you and Barry will giggle about behind closed doors…until one particular vote in March.

cowardly lionBut know this John Boehner…you have taken sides with Satan and against the American People. You have chosen poorly and your political career is over, you just don’t know it yet. You’ve ignored us…the folks you work for. We didn’t want the ACA, but it was shoved up our butts. We didn’t want the “Cromnibus Bill” but you shoved that up our butts. We’ve told you multiple times what we DO want, and you ignore us.

Have fun today,, but be aware, in your arrogant, “can’t touch me” kind of way, that we watch everything you do and say. We know where you are headed, ‘ol buddy. We get it.

Change your plan before it is a humiliation for you. Go with dignity. At least go with a very bad tan…!