What impotent little dogs!

The Conservative Collective is interested in the computer hacking going on and has this to say to the sniveling cowards who hide their womanly features behind keyboards and cloaks


CyberCaliphate? Not in this lifetime dummy…won’t happen. Maybe we just all hit the power button or throw or PC’s into a hole. That would sort of turn your CyberCaliphate into a CyberCaliFART wouldn’t it? There it is…as the revised version of the old saying goes, you pimple-pressing morons would become as useful as a “cybercalifart in a cyberwhirlwind”.

Our IT folks in the Conservative Collective have said it best…these are decent skills. But, in the long run, they are still little more than illusionists who have read a pamphlet on social engineering.

They’re power lies in their ability to ruin a PS4 or release a movie…so what? They scare people into thinking that as people are watching TV, they are staring back. These people are useless little gremlins who may one day even take down the electrical grids over large parts of the United States.

For those who belong to The Conservative Collective and have been prepared for just such an event for decades, it would simply serve to validate what we’ve been saying all along. Nothing more, nothing less.

We told you so…

So hack away, you mindless, sniveling cowardly dogs. There is much you know, much you think you know, and much which has not even become a distant concept to you yet, but is well known to us. As much power as you like to think you have, it is insignificant to ours.

Hack away…at your own peril.


Oh by the way….the reference to Christmas never being merry any longer will have us wetting ourselves while we laugh every time we read it!! You can hack, beat, behead, burn or torture us and you morons still don’t get it. YOU DON’T OWN US…YOU WON’T OWN US! WE ARE AMERICANS AND WE WILL BE ALIVE WHEN YOUR “CALIFART” IS NO LONGER EVEN A NASTY STAIN ON HISTORY!!!