It’s His birthday! Celebrate!


The Conservative Collective wishes Him, whom we we consider to be our Lord and Savior, a happy birthday and a Merry Christmas to the world! It is largely accepted that on this day, The Prince of Peace was born to change the world….and so He did.

To most of The Conservative Collective, although all by any means, it is this day, along with Easter which is among the holiest of days for Christians. This is the day that we celebrate with joy the reason we believe. What a day! What a day among days!

It is the wish of The Conservative Collective that the world enjoy this day as they please. We fully understand that some do not share the beliefs that we embrace, and there is nothing wrong with that. So, don’t enjoy the day as Christmas…enjoy it as a day to be with those you love. Period. But please…let us enjoy this day as WE wish to…undisturbed…peacefully.


Let us embrace the symbols that give us deep, heartfelt joy. Don’t make us hide our symbols under cloth or paint…please. Don’t make us destroy our symbols simply because you feel a false sense of “discomfort”. Our joy will remain anyway, because no force on earth can sweep it away. Let the atheist roll in the belief that there is no Creator…we don’t care. But don’t try to diminish our celebration of Christmas and its meaning. In the short and long run, those who don’t believe are wasting time, because our joy lives in our hearts.

The Conservative Collective believes that every man, woman and child on the planet can reserve the right, yes the absolute right. to practice any religion that does not attack the sensibilities of those around us, or cause harm to anyone…period.

Having said that, we choose to celebrate the birth of The Son of God on this day, December 25th of every year until the sun winks out and we are no more.

Happy Birthday to our Lord and Savior! And we thank him for the greatest gift that can be bestowed on another…his life for our sins, He lives forever in us!