Cops: who your friends ain’t…


These two killed two New York City police officers. They could have called for calm in the past four months, but instead they chose to stoke the fires of hatred between races and against law enforcement.

Lets’ be clear… The Conservative Collective has no love for the current crop of storm trooper that feels the need for MRAP vehicles or other military weapons that will ultimately be used to confront “constitutionalists” in the future. However, we empathize with the rank and file officer who interacts with us on the street level and who don’t wear “special ops” t-shirts. We then, the Conservative Collective, will stand with rank and file law enforcement and the rule of law.

De Blasio is a progressive moron, but what kind of sub-creature does that make the voters of New York City who supported him? Sharpton is toilet scum, but does that not say more about his supporters?

What kind of human being supports those who condone the killing of cops? Would it be acceptable then for white Americans to decide that they have had enough with being food for black criminals and to hunt black police officers?

Of course that would be unacceptable and the Conservative Collective would never be a part of such insanity. At the same time we have to ask, when will we stop the current insanity and discuss our issues face-to-face, with courage and with dignity? If this nation has neither courage or dignity any longer, then let the war begin…we deserve no less.

But…we can tell the purveyors of hate that we will no longer be the instrument of their power. As a nation of all colors and creeds, we can tell the Al Sharptons of the world that we are finished feeding their greed and lust for destruction.

If this nation goes to war with itself, if we have learned nothing since the Civil War, nothing will rise from the ashes. And in the end, nothing should.