Sharpton wants a race war…period.

Two cops dead in New York City at the hands of a black man. Simple truth…there is no denying that it happened. To the Conservative Collective however, there is more to the truth that needs to be thrown into the light.

Al Sharpton may as well have walked up to that police car and pulled the trigger that assassinated two cops himself. He knows that and he prides himself in having that kind of influence over those who do not possess the strength to walk on their own. Sharpton feeds on the power, as do others of his ilk, prime examples being Jesse Jackson, Louis Farakhan and Barry Obama.

These false prophets and race-baiting snake oil salesmen have discovered the absolute beauty of being able to convince a person, through hate speech, into killing other human beings. While Jackson has been somewhat subdued, Sharpton has taken to fanning the fires of racism with renewed effort.

nojusticeSharpton likes to use terms such as “social justice”, but it turns out that what he wants is to wage a race war in which he can lead from a safe distance and not get his hands bloody. This is a desire he shares with Barry Obama, Eric Holder and other pathetic leaders who dance on the graves of others simple to increase their own stock.

This being the Christmas…yes…CHRISTMAS season, it would seem appropriate to borrow a theme from Charles Dickens and note that Sharpton has been forging unseen chains for decades that will haunt him for eternity. His hands are dripping with the unseen blood of two police officers gunned down in New York City because of his influence.

Sharpton exists to make money and gain fame at the expense of Black America, nothing else. He discovered decades ago that riding on the coattails of truly great men such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. could be a lucrative enterprise, just as Barry has discovered that being president could be lucrative as well.

The Conservative collective challenges any of the black “leaders” to name twenty-five of the black men, women or children who were killed in Chicago in 2014. We know they can’t do it, it was just a case of our wondering and as usual, the Conservative Collective is here to help jog their memory with another number, just as important to us.


Come on Al, surely a guy as dedicated to “social justice” as you are can name a few for us.