Black lives don’t mean a thing to blacks!

blacklivesmatterWhat a sweet picture, right? A black daddy holding a sweet,sweet black baby while it sleeps tenderly on his shoulder with the words, “Black Lives Matter” alongside. Black lives matter, right? This sign infers that ALL black lives matter!

What a hot, steaming, bloody, pile of bullshit THAT claim is! Michael Brown’s life mattered and Treyvon Martin’s life mattered…maybe¬† because there are book deals or movies being made, THAT’S why THEY matter!

The Conservative Collective has found, via a CDC report, that In 2012, there were more black babies killed by abortion (31,328) in New York City than were born in that city (24.578) I guess some twisted soul will think that’s great because that means fewer black kids to be killed by cops!.

But, the Conservative Collective has to ask why these black lives are apparently not as important to the race-baiting champion of the world, the Reverand AL Sharpton? One must ask Al if the reason is because somewhere in his perverted ungodly mind, pulling a black baby out of its mothers vagina with cold tongs and crushing its skull while it screams is somehow OK with him. Or maybe it’s because he won’t see one red cent from it.

The abortion ratio in New York City fell to just over 37% in 2012-a record low since 1970 when abortion was legalized in New York. The Bronx continues to lead the city with an abortion ratio of 47%. Please allow the Conservative Collective to translate what those numbers mean. It means that very nearly HALF of ALL black babies that are successfully conceived in the Bronx are killed. Do you understand…? HALF!! And we’re to believe that Black America truly believes that black lives matter?

In reality, those black lives not only don’t matter, they are actually an embarrassment to the black community and are better left to be brushed under a community rug and only to be reported in obscure reports. They don’t get funerals…no flowers, no clergy ushering them home, no family services or even recognition. Just death and being tossed into a cold, dark dumpster like common trash.

sharptonThe Conservative Collective believes that this false prophet will spend eternity being slowly stripped of his skin while he burns for all time in the bowels of Satan. He is Al Sharpton, a man responsible for death, many injuries, burnt out businesses and tens of millions of dollars of government waste. All the while, Sharpton flies all across America spreading hate in his private jet, eating the finest meals, drinking the finest libations, wearing the finest suits and having relationships with girls half his age.

Who is stupid enough that they can’t see that the violence spread by Sharpton has nothing to do with the value of black lives, but everything to do with lining his pockets with Judas’ silver. Sharpton is a low-class thug who jumps up and runs to the first camera he sees to inflate himself and his wallet. The venom Sharpton showers on everyone including Black America never, EVER touches him, has anyone noticed? But his political influence helps kill black babies across this great land. Black lives matter? Not to Al Sharpton…

But just how many black doctors that might have cured cancer has the black community killed by listening to Sharpton or Jesse Jackson? How many nurses? How many black clergy men and women that might have brought peace to the suffering has the black community killed? How many black scientists might have bee raised in the Bronx only to go to college and discover a way to make a hydrogen gas engine that could replace the internal combustion engine if his or her head hadn’t been painfully crushed in a abortion clinic. Teachers? Lawyers? Was your 2 year olds best black friend killed in the Bronx before they could even meet?

The Conservative Collective condemns black America for it’s indifference to the inhumane deaths of living black babies in America. And the Conservative Collective condemns Al Sharpton as a self-serving man of violence. A man who, like the New Black Panthers, would enjoy the extermination of every white face in America.blacklivesmatter2

So, ignore this sign when you see it. Those holding it are only concerned with a relatively few of their own and not all black lives. They can change that, but not before they throw infections like Al Sharpton to the curb, cover him in bleach,  and start thinking for themselves and their babies.