Church and State: Stop the Perversion

It has long stuck in the Conservative Collective’s craw that various activist groups have seen fit to challenge the 1st Amendment, saying that items such as the Ten Commandments have no place in a school or courthouse.

The idiocy of such challenges is only allowed by lazy citizens who know no better and who have allowed such nonsense to flourish with activist, bullying judges and with the socialist “Barry or Bust!” media in tow,


First, the baseline…the actual words of the 1st Amendment:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

See how easy the amendment is? Nothing magical there, Nothing about offending anyone or letting atheists round up some activist judge who will declare that it is unconstitutional to have the Ten Commandments in school. Ii fact, read  on:

Early religious usage of the U.s. Capital

According to the U.S. Library of Congress exhibit Religion and the Founding of the American Republic: “It is no exaggeration to say that on Sundays in Washington during the administrations of 3rd President, Thomas Jefferson, (1801–1809) and of 4th President, James Madison, (1809–1817) the state became a church. Within a year of his inauguration, Jefferson began attending church services in the chamber of the House of Representatives. Madison followed Jefferson’s example, although unlike Jefferson, who rode on horseback to church in the Capitol, Madison came in a coach and four. Worship services in the House were acceptable to Jefferson because they were nondiscriminatory and voluntary. Preachers of every Protestant denomination appeared. (Roman Catholic priests began officiating in 1864”

So, as can be easily seen…our nation’s capital  itself has been called into service as a church, such was the degree of faith in the Creator.


Now, the very simple words regarding this church and state idiocy: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion. The Conservative Collective would like to meet the individual above the age of four that cannot comprehend that short sentence. Anyone who does not glean from that single sentence, it’s true and only meaning is either stupid or more likely, operating under a political agenda ( but is still stupid).

The colonies had just cast off an oppressive government that had established the Church of England to help in the ruling of Great Britain. Our founders, in their wisdom, wanted none of that. So it was written that the new government could never establish its own church. That’s it…nothing more! All the rest vomited up by atheists and the rest of Non-Christianity is crap on a stick.

Having a plaque on the front of a school or playhouse only reinforces the intentions of the founders and their incredible foresight, and nothing unconstitutional. Only a complete moron could generate anything else from that sentence..

Put the plaques back up! In fact, put MORE up! Put them everywhere! Let freedom scream for release! And for God’s sake…learn the constitution.

What impotent little dogs!

The Conservative Collective is interested in the computer hacking going on and has this to say to the sniveling cowards who hide their womanly features behind keyboards and cloaks


CyberCaliphate? Not in this lifetime dummy…won’t happen. Maybe we just all hit the power button or throw or PC’s into a hole. That would sort of turn your CyberCaliphate into a CyberCaliFART wouldn’t it? There it is…as the revised version of the old saying goes, you pimple-pressing morons would become as useful as a “cybercalifart in a cyberwhirlwind”.

Our IT folks in the Conservative Collective have said it best…these are decent skills. But, in the long run, they are still little more than illusionists who have read a pamphlet on social engineering.

They’re power lies in their ability to ruin a PS4 or release a movie…so what? They scare people into thinking that as people are watching TV, they are staring back. These people are useless little gremlins who may one day even take down the electrical grids over large parts of the United States.

For those who belong to The Conservative Collective and have been prepared for just such an event for decades, it would simply serve to validate what we’ve been saying all along. Nothing more, nothing less.

We told you so…

So hack away, you mindless, sniveling cowardly dogs. There is much you know, much you think you know, and much which has not even become a distant concept to you yet, but is well known to us. As much power as you like to think you have, it is insignificant to ours.

Hack away…at your own peril.


Oh by the way….the reference to Christmas never being merry any longer will have us wetting ourselves while we laugh every time we read it!! You can hack, beat, behead, burn or torture us and you morons still don’t get it. YOU DON’T OWN US…YOU WON’T OWN US! WE ARE AMERICANS AND WE WILL BE ALIVE WHEN YOUR “CALIFART” IS NO LONGER EVEN A NASTY STAIN ON HISTORY!!!

It’s His birthday! Celebrate!


The Conservative Collective wishes Him, whom we we consider to be our Lord and Savior, a happy birthday and a Merry Christmas to the world! It is largely accepted that on this day, The Prince of Peace was born to change the world….and so He did.

To most of The Conservative Collective, although all by any means, it is this day, along with Easter which is among the holiest of days for Christians. This is the day that we celebrate with joy the reason we believe. What a day! What a day among days!

It is the wish of The Conservative Collective that the world enjoy this day as they please. We fully understand that some do not share the beliefs that we embrace, and there is nothing wrong with that. So, don’t enjoy the day as Christmas…enjoy it as a day to be with those you love. Period. But please…let us enjoy this day as WE wish to…undisturbed…peacefully.


Let us embrace the symbols that give us deep, heartfelt joy. Don’t make us hide our symbols under cloth or paint…please. Don’t make us destroy our symbols simply because you feel a false sense of “discomfort”. Our joy will remain anyway, because no force on earth can sweep it away. Let the atheist roll in the belief that there is no Creator…we don’t care. But don’t try to diminish our celebration of Christmas and its meaning. In the short and long run, those who don’t believe are wasting time, because our joy lives in our hearts.

The Conservative Collective believes that every man, woman and child on the planet can reserve the right, yes the absolute right. to practice any religion that does not attack the sensibilities of those around us, or cause harm to anyone…period.

Having said that, we choose to celebrate the birth of The Son of God on this day, December 25th of every year until the sun winks out and we are no more.

Happy Birthday to our Lord and Savior! And we thank him for the greatest gift that can be bestowed on another…his life for our sins, He lives forever in us!




Cops: who your friends ain’t…


These two killed two New York City police officers. They could have called for calm in the past four months, but instead they chose to stoke the fires of hatred between races and against law enforcement.

Lets’ be clear… The Conservative Collective has no love for the current crop of storm trooper that feels the need for MRAP vehicles or other military weapons that will ultimately be used to confront “constitutionalists” in the future. However, we empathize with the rank and file officer who interacts with us on the street level and who don’t wear “special ops” t-shirts. We then, the Conservative Collective, will stand with rank and file law enforcement and the rule of law.

De Blasio is a progressive moron, but what kind of sub-creature does that make the voters of New York City who supported him? Sharpton is toilet scum, but does that not say more about his supporters?

What kind of human being supports those who condone the killing of cops? Would it be acceptable then for white Americans to decide that they have had enough with being food for black criminals and to hunt black police officers?

Of course that would be unacceptable and the Conservative Collective would never be a part of such insanity. At the same time we have to ask, when will we stop the current insanity and discuss our issues face-to-face, with courage and with dignity? If this nation has neither courage or dignity any longer, then let the war begin…we deserve no less.

But…we can tell the purveyors of hate that we will no longer be the instrument of their power. As a nation of all colors and creeds, we can tell the Al Sharptons of the world that we are finished feeding their greed and lust for destruction.

If this nation goes to war with itself, if we have learned nothing since the Civil War, nothing will rise from the ashes. And in the end, nothing should.

Sharpton wants a race war…period.

Two cops dead in New York City at the hands of a black man. Simple truth…there is no denying that it happened. To the Conservative Collective however, there is more to the truth that needs to be thrown into the light.

Al Sharpton may as well have walked up to that police car and pulled the trigger that assassinated two cops himself. He knows that and he prides himself in having that kind of influence over those who do not possess the strength to walk on their own. Sharpton feeds on the power, as do others of his ilk, prime examples being Jesse Jackson, Louis Farakhan and Barry Obama.

These false prophets and race-baiting snake oil salesmen have discovered the absolute beauty of being able to convince a person, through hate speech, into killing other human beings. While Jackson has been somewhat subdued, Sharpton has taken to fanning the fires of racism with renewed effort.

nojusticeSharpton likes to use terms such as “social justice”, but it turns out that what he wants is to wage a race war in which he can lead from a safe distance and not get his hands bloody. This is a desire he shares with Barry Obama, Eric Holder and other pathetic leaders who dance on the graves of others simple to increase their own stock.

This being the Christmas…yes…CHRISTMAS season, it would seem appropriate to borrow a theme from Charles Dickens and note that Sharpton has been forging unseen chains for decades that will haunt him for eternity. His hands are dripping with the unseen blood of two police officers gunned down in New York City because of his influence.

Sharpton exists to make money and gain fame at the expense of Black America, nothing else. He discovered decades ago that riding on the coattails of truly great men such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. could be a lucrative enterprise, just as Barry has discovered that being president could be lucrative as well.

The Conservative collective challenges any of the black “leaders” to name twenty-five of the black men, women or children who were killed in Chicago in 2014. We know they can’t do it, it was just a case of our wondering and as usual, the Conservative Collective is here to help jog their memory with another number, just as important to us.


Come on Al, surely a guy as dedicated to “social justice” as you are can name a few for us.

Black lives don’t mean a thing to blacks!

blacklivesmatterWhat a sweet picture, right? A black daddy holding a sweet,sweet black baby while it sleeps tenderly on his shoulder with the words, “Black Lives Matter” alongside. Black lives matter, right? This sign infers that ALL black lives matter!

What a hot, steaming, bloody, pile of bullshit THAT claim is! Michael Brown’s life mattered and Treyvon Martin’s life mattered…maybe  because there are book deals or movies being made, THAT’S why THEY matter!

The Conservative Collective has found, via a CDC report, that In 2012, there were more black babies killed by abortion (31,328) in New York City than were born in that city (24.578) I guess some twisted soul will think that’s great because that means fewer black kids to be killed by cops!.

But, the Conservative Collective has to ask why these black lives are apparently not as important to the race-baiting champion of the world, the Reverand AL Sharpton? One must ask Al if the reason is because somewhere in his perverted ungodly mind, pulling a black baby out of its mothers vagina with cold tongs and crushing its skull while it screams is somehow OK with him. Or maybe it’s because he won’t see one red cent from it.

The abortion ratio in New York City fell to just over 37% in 2012-a record low since 1970 when abortion was legalized in New York. The Bronx continues to lead the city with an abortion ratio of 47%. Please allow the Conservative Collective to translate what those numbers mean. It means that very nearly HALF of ALL black babies that are successfully conceived in the Bronx are killed. Do you understand…? HALF!! And we’re to believe that Black America truly believes that black lives matter?

In reality, those black lives not only don’t matter, they are actually an embarrassment to the black community and are better left to be brushed under a community rug and only to be reported in obscure reports. They don’t get funerals…no flowers, no clergy ushering them home, no family services or even recognition. Just death and being tossed into a cold, dark dumpster like common trash.

sharptonThe Conservative Collective believes that this false prophet will spend eternity being slowly stripped of his skin while he burns for all time in the bowels of Satan. He is Al Sharpton, a man responsible for death, many injuries, burnt out businesses and tens of millions of dollars of government waste. All the while, Sharpton flies all across America spreading hate in his private jet, eating the finest meals, drinking the finest libations, wearing the finest suits and having relationships with girls half his age.

Who is stupid enough that they can’t see that the violence spread by Sharpton has nothing to do with the value of black lives, but everything to do with lining his pockets with Judas’ silver. Sharpton is a low-class thug who jumps up and runs to the first camera he sees to inflate himself and his wallet. The venom Sharpton showers on everyone including Black America never, EVER touches him, has anyone noticed? But his political influence helps kill black babies across this great land. Black lives matter? Not to Al Sharpton…

But just how many black doctors that might have cured cancer has the black community killed by listening to Sharpton or Jesse Jackson? How many nurses? How many black clergy men and women that might have brought peace to the suffering has the black community killed? How many black scientists might have bee raised in the Bronx only to go to college and discover a way to make a hydrogen gas engine that could replace the internal combustion engine if his or her head hadn’t been painfully crushed in a abortion clinic. Teachers? Lawyers? Was your 2 year olds best black friend killed in the Bronx before they could even meet?

The Conservative Collective condemns black America for it’s indifference to the inhumane deaths of living black babies in America. And the Conservative Collective condemns Al Sharpton as a self-serving man of violence. A man who, like the New Black Panthers, would enjoy the extermination of every white face in America.blacklivesmatter2

So, ignore this sign when you see it. Those holding it are only concerned with a relatively few of their own and not all black lives. They can change that, but not before they throw infections like Al Sharpton to the curb, cover him in bleach,  and start thinking for themselves and their babies.