Barry’s Islamist cults possess stolen Libyan airplanes!

Remember this?

rememberthisWell these cowardly dogs…

remember2Have these several of these…

airbus330And these…that were stolen from the Tripoli Airport.

airbus380September 11 is a little more than a week away. Can anybody take a wild stab at any plans Barry’s friends in the Muslin Brotherhood (ISIS) may be making at this moment?

The Conservative Collective wants to help in the ISIS decision making process by sharing this…If you make war on the United States and as soon as we have a REAL president, we will come back and you will get this.


And this…


You will see angels…


But you will not see any of these.


Then, things will go horribly wrong for you as your worst nightmares rise from the sea…


And fall from heaven…


To kill what is left alive!

Take the word of the Conservative Collective…”Fool us once, shame on us. Try to fool us again, and we will lay waste to your lands and your entire eternity with the cleansing fire of God and Westinghouse.”

Iraq, Syria and Libya will look like this for ten thousand years.


You, the maggots, are poking a colossal eagle that has been very tolerant of your insolent tantrums. That restraint ends now. Our friends in Israel have taught us well and we have learned how to eliminate the murderous Cults of Islam...with extreme prejudice.