This is OK with the black community?

This post will be real simple and to the point. watch this video and then read on…

Kill the crackers, kill them all

Now, the Conservative Collective is a peaceful group that abhors violence of any kind, against any person. Having said that, if this man shows up near ANY of our homes, we will have no choice but to consider the “situation” as a credible threat that will be met with appropriate counter-measures.

If this kind of hate speech is OK with the black community, then we, as a nation, have arrived at a point that has long been desired by Bill Ayers, Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

The Conservative Collective is saddened that free speech now includes open threats against our children. If these bigots think that we will stand idly by while they terrorize our families, they are very sadly mistaken. We will defend our homes and families against any threat without hesitation and bring with us the wrath of God Almighty, raining down violence of such a magnitude that the earth itself will tremble.

The Conservative Collective has done absolutely NOTHING to deserve this measure of hate and we ask that it stop…now.

We will say no more…