To end bigotry send…Holder?

One does not send a bigot to resolve bigotry. One does not send a racist to resolve racism. The Conservative Collective sees that as common sense, why doesn’t America see that?

Eric Holder and Barack Hussein Obama are bigots of the worst kind. They have both outed themselves and America is standing idly by while these two cowardly bastards, along with cowardly bastards Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson make political and financial hay on the backs of the black community.


Here’s the great black leader, Eric Holder as he is. A race-baiting coward who has come out of the shadows at the behest of his master to punish the white man.

How sick is that? How perverted? How much false hate has Holder generated in order to be regarded as some sort of “messiah” in his own mind? He’s a sociopath like his friend, “Barry”.

Sending Holder to Missouri to end racism is like sending an arsonist to stop a fire. Holder will fan the flames in any way he can to ensure that violence breaks out and a white man, any white man, suffers…such is his progressive hate.

However, let us never forget the real Eric Holder…the coward who hides behind his office regaling us with false wisdom born of burning hatred toward those who have never lifted a finger against them and whose only crime is being white.

What a bore…


The Conservative Collective is neither impressed or intimidated by Holders’ blackness or his hatred toward us. We only wish that he had the courage to face us himself rather than sending weak, mindless minions to do his dirty work for him.

But then, that’s what race-baiting, cowardly POS’s  do best…right Jesse? Right Al? Right, Barry?