The best Barry has is…”horseshit”. What a loser.


America’s chief executive making a policy decision on Martha’s Vineyard.

It’s shameful and disgusting that the best Barry has is the word “horseshit”. Barry would know though, given his own long list of associations with fly-infested dung.

Barry’s policies are pure horseshit. His actions toward those nations that used to look to us for help, intellectually known as “allies”, are horseshit. His foreign policy is horseshit. His Department of Justice and his self-admitted activist Attorney’s General are both horseshit. His bumbling attempt to install national health care is horseshit. His failed and very expensive green initiatives have all been horseshit.


Above: An Obama cabinet meeting

Barry’s wife has also tried to have national nutrition policies forced upon Americans, but they too turned to horseshit. Barry tried his hand at manufacturing automobiles through General Motors and that not only turned to horseshit, but killed innocent Americans in the process of turning to horseshit. Barry got America almost out of Iraq, but by being considerate enough to supply Al-Queda with the date we were going to leave, Barry ensured that an even more murderous band of thugs named ISIS took over Iraq, necessitating him sending American troops BACK, which sure seems like horseshit to the Conservative Collective.

Barry has ripped the finest military the world has ever known to shreds, a decision that is warm, steaming horseshit, and then transformed America’s law enforcement into his own private army of brown-shirts, resulting in even more horseshit and many more dead citizens. Barry’s EPA is horseshit, his IRS is horseshit, his NSA is horseshit and his HHS is horseshit.

Every one of Barry’s executive orders is horseshit meant to purchase more voters for his political plantation, which is held together by horseshit from his little mucksucking group of lemmings. Barry’s last two choices for the once proud, now soiled position of Secretary of State have been horseshit as well, with Hillary Clinton getting an ambassador killed in Libya and John Kerry wandering around like an unconscious buffoon, barfing up horseshit every time he opens his mouth.


Above: A meeting of the DNC

Barry’s energy policies have proven to be horseshit that has cost the American taxpayer trillions of dollars and done precisely nothing. Eric Holder is a bigot, racist and revenge-seeking activist made entirely of…you guessed it, horseshit. Valerie Jarrett, the person behind the strings that control Barry the Puppet, is also the Director of Alinsky Policy in the White House, a concept that is by itself horseshit, made worse by the fact that Jarrett is so incompetent that she has turned the Alinsky model into something worse than horseshit.

So, the best Barry can come up with is “horseshit”. In a word, that sums up the entire Barry Presidency as well as his opinion of Hillary Clinton. It comes as no surprise that given the wealth of information, data, intelligence and professionalism that is potentially available to an American president, this president became a pissy little bitch and decided to define the words of his own choice of Secretary of State as…”horseshit”. How embarrassing and utterly pathetic Barry is to those of us in the Conservative Collective.

Now, the Conservative Collective is really curious to see how many Americans, their heads full of Barry’s horseshit, still think he is or ever was worth a crap as a congressman, a president or as an American.

(Note: The Conservative Collective would like to apologize for using the word “horseshit”. We ourselves find it unappealing and crude, but for the purposes of this post, it was necessary.)