Pop Quiz…Which One is Nancy Pelosi?

stupidpelosifencepostLook a little closer and take your time, we at the Conservative Collective get confused sometimes as well.



Here is a hint: The fence post is smarter. It must be, given that it never says anything stupid and it seems as though Pelosi can’t open her pie-hole without something stupid flying out of it. Like this:

“Every week we don’t pass a stimulus package, 500 million Americans lose their jobs.”

If you still can’t make out which one of the above is Nancy Pelosi, we’ll tell you. It’s the one on the…wait…it’s…it’s…the one on the left. We know, it’s tough. The vacant stare is usually the giveaway, the blank eyes  windows to an endless mental void where rolling winds sweep away any grain of rational, intelligent  thought. The vacant stare on the fence post is because…well, it’s a fence post.

Pelosi has shown herself to be an idiot on so many occasions now, that the Conservative Collective has come to believe that there must not be a single thinking person of voting age left in her district. Pelosi has said stupid things about taxes, guns, health care, the poor, the sick, veterans, the rich, men, women, banks, the environment and the list goes on.

Some folks outside of the Conservative Collective have been caught wondering out loud if perhaps it might be better in the next election cycle to vote for the fence post. Doing so would be less embarrassing for the state of California, as any press conference held by the fence post would contain only silence and none of the mindless prattle that defines Nancy Pelosi as a fool chosen by fools.

Hey California! The next time you step up to vote, upgrade to the fence post! It will NEVER…EVER say something as supremely moronic as “Every week we don’t pass a stimulus package, 500 million Americans lose their jobs.”