Pop Quiz…Which One is Nancy Pelosi?

stupidpelosifencepostLook a little closer and take your time, we at the Conservative Collective get confused sometimes as well.



Here is a hint: The fence post is smarter. It must be, given that it never says anything stupid and it seems as though Pelosi can’t open her pie-hole without something stupid flying out of it. Like this:

“Every week we don’t pass a stimulus package, 500 million Americans lose their jobs.”

If you still can’t make out which one of the above is Nancy Pelosi, we’ll tell you. It’s the one on the…wait…it’s…it’s…the one on the left. We know, it’s tough. The vacant stare is usually the giveaway, the blank eyes  windows to an endless mental void where rolling winds sweep away any grain of rational, intelligent  thought. The vacant stare on the fence post is because…well, it’s a fence post.

Pelosi has shown herself to be an idiot on so many occasions now, that the Conservative Collective has come to believe that there must not be a single thinking person of voting age left in her district. Pelosi has said stupid things about taxes, guns, health care, the poor, the sick, veterans, the rich, men, women, banks, the environment and the list goes on.

Some folks outside of the Conservative Collective have been caught wondering out loud if perhaps it might be better in the next election cycle to vote for the fence post. Doing so would be less embarrassing for the state of California, as any press conference held by the fence post would contain only silence and none of the mindless prattle that defines Nancy Pelosi as a fool chosen by fools.

Hey California! The next time you step up to vote, upgrade to the fence post! It will NEVER…EVER say something as supremely moronic as “Every week we don’t pass a stimulus package, 500 million Americans lose their jobs.”


WHAT!? Barry and Holder are BLACK? Who knew?


  1. Barry’s promise to drop insurance premiums $2.500 was a lie and he knew it as the words were coming out of his deceitful mouth. His promise to be able to keep your doctor was also a lie manufactured for his re-election.
  2. His IRS made sure that new (501)c4 conservative groups were paralyzed and unable to engage in the 2012 election cycle, ensuring a re-election for Barry.
  3. Barrys Attorney’s General will not prosecute laws for marijuana use, defense of marriage or illegal election influence, but has his eye on American gun owners and veterans, calling them domestic terrorists.
  4. Barry has unilaterally unleashed tens of millions of illegal immigrants into the United States, knowing full well that each will most likely become a democratic vote, ensuring progressive control of America for decades. The Alinsky model at work.
  5. Barry has made enemies our of past friends like Israel, Great Britain and Germany because, as a Muslim Barry must hate Israel…the British abused his daddy because his daddy was a miscreant…and Germany is a lynchpin in the EU. Destroy Germany and he destroys other countries that are “rich” like the US and therefore must be punished.
  6. Barry has gutted the United States Military because out Posse Comitatus laws prevent him from using the military to control the American population. Barry has bolstered nearly all of our law enforcement agencies from border to border with military weapons and armor because they fall under the control of Attorney General Eric Holder, who in turn is a puppet of Barry’s.
  7. Veterans are dying at Barry’s hands at VA hospitals all over America. Obamacare is also killing Americans as health care falls just short of saving them because of cost or doctor availability, just as Sarah Palin and the Conservative Collective predicted it would.
  8. Barrry, who claims to be a leftist and therefore an environmentalist, has spread wind generators all over the United States. These same generators are killing endangered species of birds by the thousands every year and Barry could not care less.
  9. Barry has been intentionally and quietly killing off the coal industry as well as the nuclear industry in accordance with his progressive agenda. He has also killed off tens of thousands of union jobs which is an indication that his political loyalties lie with the Muslim world and Saul Alinsky, no more and no less.
  10. Barry has released five of the worse Al-Queda leaders from Guantanamo, Cuba, three of whom have vowed to return to the war against anything that is not Muslim. He traded the five for a deserter named Bergdahl who is actually himself a muslim sympathizer.
  11. Barry’s government bailout (purchase) of General Motors lost the American taxpayer 14 BILLION dollars and then four years later, it has been discovered that nearly every vehicle made by Barry’s new GM is fundamentally junk and millions with ignition failures have even killed some Americans.
  12. Barry has turned his back on women for five years. Reproductive issues, job issues and legal issues that Barry uses to ingratiate himself to women when he needs their votes, are commonly and continually ignored when women are no longer of use to him. This personal “war on women” is yet another sign that Barry is a practicing Muslim male.


Now, given that all of the above and much, much more has happened and is now history, can anyone truly make the case that the Conservative Collective opposes Barry simply because he is just another black guy?

Attorney general Eric Holder and Barry himself are the worst kinds of racists. They are the kind who waits quietly until their time to seize power arrives and then they strike. Manufacturing an issue if necessary, they use their confederates in the media to provide cover for their anti-American agenda.
That accomplished, they extend their progressive tendrils into every agency and court, just as they were instructed to do by Alinksy’s “Rules For radicals”. At that point they begin to create rules and regulations that promote the segment of black America that Barry and Holder feel have been oppressed, while oppressing the segments of white America that they feel should be punished. That record is easy to find and perfectly clear.

The fact that Holder and Barry are black is unimpressive at best, and even though both seem to see themselves as some sort of “African prince”, in reality each is little more than a street thief and common Chicago scum…something one might scrape off the bottom of a shoe.
The Conservative Collective sees them as sort of a “minor diaper rash” that can be handled by smearing the truth all over their agenda and then wrapping them in fresh, clean conservative clothing. It won’t be long before they disappear.
But, regarding Barry and Holder being black…it’s not that special, so really, who cares?