If the U.S. had any money, at least it would be clean

For the past six years, Barry and his administration has been engaged in the largest money laundering operation in the history of the United States of America, and the Conservative Collective defies anyone to prove differently.

omoneylaunderIn very simplified form, here is how Barry is funding his favorite progressive organizations, including his own election coffers.

Let’s say, for example, a fictitious environmental  group known as the Green Assholes wants to refill its bank account with two million squeaky clean dollars courtesy of the US taxpayer. The Green  Assholes simply manufacture a complaint. In our example we might pretend that Barry’s windmills in California are wiping out endangered birds. Oh wait…we don’t have to pretend…because…they really are!

Attorneys for the Green Assholes simply file a two million dollar lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency and then they wait. After a suitable amount of mutually agreed-upon time, the EPA decides not to fight the law suit and settles with the Green Assholes for two million dollars. The money is transferred, and BADA-BING! the deal is done. Then, these (501)C3’s turn around and cut Barry’s campaign banker a check for thousands upon thousands of laundered dollars.


Can’t be true and the Conservative Collective is simply a right-wing shill. Well, let them that think so get off their fat, lazy asses and prove it! What we have learned through research (that’s what getting off the couch, closing the supersized bag of cheese balls and looking up facts on your own is called) is that over 60 of these cases have been settled since Barry became the Puke in Chief.

America is being drained of it’s blood and Barry is the Islamic mosquito. The most bizarre part is, that while half of America’s population have become Barrys’ little plantation EBT bitches, most of the other half don’t seem to give a crap as long as they can stuff jalapeno poppers into their fat pie holes once a weekend and watch feces like Honey Boo Boo.

The Conservative Collective knows that bringing this to the attention of morons who don;t know the name of their own Senator is of little use at this point, so we’ll leave you with one more “fun fact”. Did any of you know that only 3% of the population actually had the courage to stand up and fight the British during the First American Revolution?

Today, that would translate to roughly 3.5 million angry Americans. A sizable force to be reckoned with we think.