How to identify a progressive voter

Some folks have asked members of the Conservative Collective if it possible to identify a progressive voter and if so, what precisely does one look for for the purposes of said identification? The answer is a loud and resounding YES!…and here is a representative example:


From this date to November, this is what one should look for when attempting to identify those specific traits that can be utilized for identification. It should be noted however, that actual individual voters can be of any race or any (or both) gender.

What is important to note is not so much the coloration, as the circular red, white and blue design will be gone after the year 2016. It is the pathetic, whining call of the progressive that is the same regardless of coloration. It is very easy to hear and sounds like…”Wherezz my freee stuuffff”. The call is constant and never varies in pitch, but is certain to gain volume as election season nears.

While there are sub-species of progressive voters that sit on issues like climate change, gun control or killing innocent unborn babies, the baseline call of the progressive never changes…

.”Wherezz my freee stuuffff”