Of sheep, wolves and sheepdogs

One of the Conservative Collective raised a hand in order to call bull**t on the recent social discussion on sheep (good people), wolves (bad people) and sheepdogs (the good people that are willing to get in between the sheep and the wolves). The comments are worth printing, but not easily transcribed properly. Therefore, they are presented here in the words of the original author.



” After reading many of the pieces on line and in print regarding the human race as either sheep, wolves or sheepdogs, I wanted to send you my own comments for what they are worth to anyone.

To begin, the article in artofmanilness.com was well-presented. It was in the comments that I found statements from the ether fascinating. For some the comments were pure bravado and positioning. For others, it was very clear that the role of sheepdog is a military/law enforcement title and it was equally obvious that they had considered their “tulip patch” to have been stomped on. In any case, it appeared that none of the commentators could see past their dicks or vaginas.

The artofmanliness article separated the three classes of humans accurately, I think. What was lost was the subtlety with which each class can cross from one to another, given different, real-world circumstances. And at this point, let no person be stupid enough to believe that age or gender has anything to do with being one class or the other.

For instance, while contemporary law-enforcement does consider itself the sheepdog, it’s a stone cold statistical fact that they¬† have been killing record numbers of sheep in recent years, which places them squarely into the category of being wolves. This transformation has not gone unnoticed by the other sheepdogs and will be dealt with as it needs to be in order to protect the flock from harm.

Too, record numbers of sheep have opened their eyes and come to realize that wolves come in all shapes, sizes and colors. These sheep have made the decision to become sheepdogs as fast as possible, so they can protect their own flock when the wolf comes.

What is also being ignored is that sheep, wolves and sheepdogs just ARE…period. Patches, medals, training, equipment and all the other horsehit that gets spread around the barn floor are all useless if they don’t have the heart of a sheepdog guiding them. Sheep will always look down and graze, going out of their way to be fully invested in “normalcy bias”. There is no shame in being a sheep, as they are producers of things that are needed by the flock to live their lives.

Wolves will always have the black heart of a wolf. When a sheepdog crosses the line and becomes a wolf, he or she will be cast out forever from the flock with no recourse for re-entry. That now-wolf has become just one more reason for the sheepdog to stand ready to kill if it molests the flock. As with the wolf, once a sheep has made the transformation to sheepdog, it is nearly impossible to go back. Even when old and gray, the sheepdog will protect the flock to the best of its abilities simply because within its chest beats the fearless heart of a sheepdog. 

And so it goes…the sheep/wolf/sheepdog concept is a sound one. As usual, it is the foolishness of the human being that twists a great concept into something that distracts us into soothing the injured egos of people who want the world to know that they are the authority, and no one else.

THEY are the authority for THEMSELVES, and thinking otherwise is the mark of an arrogant, budding tyrant. Sheepdogs don’t have swagger and they avoid notice at all costs. They are the quietest one in the room when the wolf comes and the sheepdog will rain down unmeasurable violence upon the wolf if it has to, to protect its flock. Sheepdogs don’t wear medals or ribbons, they don’t need fancy paper creds and they absolutely don’t look for trouble, because a true sheepdog knows that it’s only a matter of time before the wolf comes to hurt the flock he or she is sworn to protect.

We know the wolf ALWAYS comes, and we are ALWAYS ready”wolf