Quick!!! Find the “racist”!

Go ahead and try…



The fact is, ALL of these folks have made what could be interpreted as  “racially charged” comments. So, by that flimsy standard, every one of the faces above can be defined as a racist. The Conservative Collective took nearly whole HALF-HOUR to Google comments made by these people over the years that could EASILY be called “racially charged” by anyone.

Here’s the most offensive of all:


“Racially charged?” That’s a guy named King Shabazz on the streets of America, openly calling for the killing of whites and their babies. Given that he is also holding a contact weapon, his actions constitute aggravated assault which is a forcible felony justifying the defensive use of deadly force and yet, to our knowledge, not one of the pie-holes above said a word in public. Not one.

Here’s the difference…the black faces you see above have the ability to forgive their own disgusting behavior with the blessing of ESPN, CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC and CNN, while the white faces above have to beg the black faces and the media outlets above for forgiveness for the same behavior. Usually, the “begging” involves cash payments which seem to make everything better. Incoming message for racists of any color…you are NOT entitled to either retribution OR restitution, as you have done nothing courageous enough to earn either.

The hypocrisy is a perversion and it helps only the morally, spiritually and ethically bankrupt to prevail in the short term. There is no law that would preclude each of the above from saying something stupi, which they have. However…stupid,  and this case racist, comments will surely attract repercussions, and they have.

However, here is the bottom line for the Conservative Collective, from the BIll of Rights…

“Congress cannot make a law that favors the establishment of one particular religion; that prohibits the free exercise of religion; or that restricts freedom of speech or of the press, or the right of the people to gather and engage in peaceful demonstrations and to petition the government for redress of their grievances.”

That, folks, is the law of the land speaking. The REAL law of the land, not some putrid, maggot-infested legislative crown meant to be worn on the head of a craven president.

Any of the above can make the most hideous and vile comments they wish for any reason they wish and we stand ready to defend their right to do that. Please understand, NONE of the folks above can expect a Christmas…yes, CHRISTMAS card from the Conservative Collective, but by God, they can fully expect us to be fighting for the Constitution.

And by extension then, for them.