Sorry Jeb…wrong guy, wrong time!


Nice guy? Sure, we guess…most of the Conservative Collective don’t know Jeb Bush well enough to judge him. Those that lived in Florida when he was governor say he was mediocre, but pro-Second Amendment.

What is a given with Jeb Bush is his solidarity with illegal (criminal) immigrants. Bush definitely has a soft spot for illegals and he wears it on his sleeve like a sergeant wears chevrons. But is this what America needs in place of Barry? The Conservative Collective doesn’t think so.

Here’s the deal. Jeb Bush said last week that what illegal (criminal) immigrants are doing is “an act of love”. What a crock. What a big, fat juicy rationalization from a guy who very definitely has every reason to sympathize with people who have broken the law.

Folks who feel as Jeb does have a favorite ploy to heap guilt on those who just want to find the illegals and send them back to wherever it is they came from. It goes like this…”You can’t just tear a mom or a dad out of the home, away from their children and break up a family, that would be cruel and heartless.” Really? Now remember these are, with exceptions like Bush, progressive liberals with HUGE hearts for things like animals (see “Where are the hypocrites…” on this site) and some dollar-generating fantasy named Mother Earth.

The reality is, they worship a god called…POWER.

You see, these same posers are the very same morally bankrupt progessive mucksuckers who ADORE the Anti-American SAFE legislation in New York state that makes one a felon if he or she posseses an AR15 or large capacity magazines.

So, no problem…if you’re born an American, live here all of your life, pay taxes, obey the laws and in short live by ALL of the rules, it’s fine for you to be torn from your family and sent to jail for something that was legal six months ago.  

But it’s a tragedy if you sneak like a thief uninvited into America, abuse our American education system, take away jobs from Americans, let Americans pay for you to stay home, let Americans give you an EBT card and all the other “nicities” that illegal (criminal) immigrants enjoy, but you get caught and are deported.

Funny, the guy who bought the AR15 to protect his family because he loves them is arrested and charged with a felony, while the criminal is sheltered by men like Jeb Bush.

Actually, it’s not funny…it’s a perversion that needs to be corrected. The Conservative Collective has to wonder if Jeb Bush would offer clemency to the victims of the SAFE Act. We doubt it

Here’s the other joke. “We can’t seem to find 12 million illegal immigrants.” Well, sure you can. All you have to do is hire an army of TSA Barney Fifes, just like Barry has done to make sure he can find folks who don’y pay every penny they owe in taxes

There. Done.