Christ returns…victory!


This is the holiest of days for those who believe in Jesus Christ and his return from the tomb in which the Romans placed him after he was crucified.

This day is a day of renewed belief…of rejoicing and of re-dedicating ourselves to Jesus Christ as our savior. This is a day to recognize the victory of Christ over Satan and death itself and his continued gift of victory to all of those who embrace his teachings. It would have been easy to post a graphic of Jesus, but the Conservative Collective chose instead to insert a graphic of the tomb.

The tomb, like the cross, is an symbolic example of winning in the face of what should be impossible to overcome and that true, pure, deeply held belief will always win. Always.

However, the Conservative Collective is comprised of many faiths and beliefs, each of which is as valid as any other. To our conservative friends who have observed Passover, we offer our hands in friendship and solidarity.

To our conservative friends who choose to not believe in any faith, we continue to embrace them as brothers and sisters in our shared conservative struggle against the dark forces we now face as a nation. America faces its greatest trial right now, and we are all one…united…regardless of religious belief.

But, for now…for just this day, we who love God and his only son will rejoice in the resurrection of Jesus and the re-energizing of our unshakable faith.

Happy Easter from the Conservative Collective and may God bless us all.