Will the real Glenn Beck please stand up?



This is Glenn Beck. There can be no denying that Mr. Beck is due kudos for what he has accomplished in a few short years. He has done well for himself and many, many others to be sure, and each success story is well deserved. If you could hear the BUT coming…, here it is.

There are many members of the Consrvative Collective that have been through the same crucible as Beck. In fact, some worse. It’s a stone cold fact that when Beck was curled up in a ball on his carpet begging God for direction, there was an army of truly decent and concerned Americans who were spreading the gospel of conservatism and the way of the capitalist. What angers many in the Conservative Collective regarding Beck is not jeolousy. In fact to suggest that such is true is rather insulting.

It seems to us that every path he asks us to tread ends in a sales pitch for one or more of his products. Years ago Beck faced the same odds as the rest of us as he railed against “the Chicago Machine” or “the Washington Machine”. Now we have to contend with “the Beck Machine” as well as all of the originals.

No, what angers many in the Conservative Collective is that Beck is a master of making one think that he discovered the issues of the day and has been called upon to gather disciples for his fight.God certainly has given Beck a mission and he is fulfilling that as best he can. But, we are not his to command and he is the master of little more than himself.

His latest issue, the Bundy situation in Nevada, has really “licked the candy” so to speak,  of the Conservative Collective. Here he is as duplicitous as any politician can be accused of being. On the one hand, Beck has been at the forefront of the “We’re not going to take it any more!” movement, and then he has the nerve to tell America that he wants to disconnect himelf from Americans who want to fight back against tyranny.

Beck’s news media is rife with stories of decent Americans being killed by law enforcement, being thrown off private property, having their children taken by the state, being denied medical care by the state or any other in a long list of government gone rogue.

But when Americans finally do stand fast against injustice, Beck has the nerve to say that God does not condone violence. Well, Beck is as wrong as he could possibly be. God condones a good fight as long as it is just and right at it’s roots. Joshua laid waste to city after city at God’s command, but the fights were righteous. As studied as Beck is on the times before the American Revolution, some intangible thing has sailed over his head. Call it what one will, there is a specific, palpable  moment in time when only a fight will bring the bubble back to level.

The founders knew that time would come and when it did, they were moved to take action. Forced into a corner, they fought. Beck would probably argue that these days aren’t the same somehow, and he would be correct… in a sense. We have a great nation to lose at the hands of Islam and their allies in the American progressive movement. Our founders never faced these enemies…we do.

Any fight in Nevada would have been righteous and Beck was supremely wrong…finally. The Conservative Collective doesn’t care what Beck says or does and this post is simply an observation, nothing more.

History will write that once again, a government oppressed it’s people until they rose up and set things right. At this point, Mr. Beck needs to admit that the Rubicon has been crossed.

It would help all of us.